The Prayer To Align The Soul & Spirit! Reprogram your mind for God’s glory!

The Prayer To Align The Soul & Spirit! Reprogram your mind for God’s glory!

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November 18 Daily Prophetic Word of God

November 18 Daily Prophetic Word of God

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Jim Caviezel Set To Star In New Movie About The Apostle Paul

Jim Caviezel Set To Star In New Movie About The Apostle Paul

Jim Caviezel, the lead character of ‘The Passion of The Christ,’ is set to star in a new movie about the Apostle Paul. AFFIRM Films released an exclusive first-look teaser trailer for their upcoming Biblical film “Paul, Apostle Of Christ.”

“Our ‘first-look’ teaser shows both the dramatic heart and biblical authenticity of ‘Paul, Apostle Of Christ'” Director and Screenwriter Andrew Hyatt said in a statement shared with The Christian Post. “Each aspect of Paul’s life is based on what we know from the Bible, and we set that true story in the perilous world of Rome in the time of Nero’s persecution of Christians. It’s a captivating, emotional drama that brings the Bible to life.”


Watch the trailer below.

The 7 Christian Celebrities Who Are Bold In Faith Despite Being Hollywood Stars

In an industry of sin and temptations, there are still Christian celebrities who stands firm in their faith in Christ and boldly bring their faith out in public. They are glorifying God in Hollywood and proved to everyone that fame can’t destroy their faith.

Here are some of the celebrities who are a light on a hill.

1. Tyler Perry

“I’m not afraid to have a character say, ‘I am a Christian,’ or ‘I believe in God,’ because I think they represent real people on this earth.”

Tyler Perry made his way onto the Hollywood scene in 2005 with “Diary of A Mad Black Woman.” Since then, he has conquered the big screens and small screens with his films “Madea’s Family Reunion” and “Daddy’s Little Girls.” His faith in God has always been a part of his great success.

2. Denzel Washington

“You have to use your gifts – faith without works is nothing.”

The two-time Academy winner boldly said that his spiritual belief is important in every aspect of his life. He believed that he was blessed to be in Hollywood because it was his platform to share his Christian faith.

3. Ralph Winter

“I think we have to come up with an example or model or a paradigm of the kinds of movies that we, as Christians, will be proud of that will begin to infect the rest of the culture.”

Ralph Winter has been producing movies for almost three decades. Some of the movies he has produced are, “Star Trek: The Search for Spock,” “X-Men,” “Fantastic 4,” and the “The Visitation.” But behind this Hollywood producer is a man who has a deep faith in God.

4. Kristin Chenoweth

“I’m an actress and a singer and I’m also a Christian. We’re not all crazy right-wingers. I just want to be like Jesus, forgiving and loving and nonjudgmental, accepting of everyone even if they don’t agree.”

Kristin Chenoweth’s career has ranged from Broadway to TV to movies. Her talent and passion for music were discovered during her early age. She has released an album of Christian inspirational music called “As I Am” and has been speaking at Women of Faith conferences.

5. Carrie Underwood

“I’m not the first person to sing about God, Jesus, faith (or) any of that, and I won’t be the last. And it won’t be the last for me, either. If you don’t like it, change the channel.”

Carrie Underwood rose to fame after winning “American Idol” but despite her success, she remained steadfast in her faith. You could clearly hear her faith in her songs. She has proven that fame can’t destroy her faith.

6. Tori Kelly

“You kind of get to a point where your faith really becomes your own and it’s not about what your parents say or what they believe, but it’s really like, ‘No, this is real to me.’ I’ve really experienced the presence of God and I know that this is my own faith.”

In an industry full of temptations and sin, Singer Tori Kelly kept her faith grounded in Jesus Christ. She is trying to be the light on a hill in the place full of darkness. But being a Christian in this career is a constant spiritual battle for her.

7. Kathie Lee Gifford

“The story of my life is not the story of my faithfulness to God but of his faithfulness to me.”

Kathie’s family was torn from being a Christian and a Jewish during her childhood. But that changed one night when her family was watching a televised crusade of Billy Graham and that night they came to Christ and their lives were changed forever. She believes that God kept her in His path and eventually led her to Hollywood.

Miss Universe Contender Stopped Wearing Bikini After Receiving A Conviction From God

Miss Universe Contender Stopped Wearing Bikini After Receiving A Conviction From God

Venus Raj represented the Philippines seven years ago in Miss Universe 2010 and won 4th Runner-Up. Since then, she has been a public figure to all Filipinos.

onlyvenusraj | Instagram

Everyone can see on her Instagram account that this beauty queen hasn’t been in a bathing suit for a while. Instead of a usual pair of bikini, she wears a rush guard that hides her beautiful body.

onlyvenusraj | Instagram

And this is what Venus revealed in an interview last week. She said that she has put certain limitations on her clothing when she became closer to God. Venus said that it wasn’t a matter of reservation.

“It’s not because I just want limitations. It’s because I’m getting mature and I’m having convictions. Anything that I feel not biblical, it’s conviction.”

onlyvenusraj | Instagram

When she was asked about her love life, she said that she doesn’t have any suitors as of the moment.

“I’m happy and in love every day. I don’t have a suitor, I’m just really content with my relationship with the Lord every day. Why don’t I have any suitor? I’m just waiting, I am not pursuing.”

onlyvenusraj | Instagram

Businesswoman and Venus’s co-host, Cristina Decena, attests to the faith of Venus. According to Cristina, Venus made a huge impact on her life, especially on her faith. Apparently, it was Venus who taught her how to read the Bible every day.

onlyvenusraj | Instagram

A beauty queen that chose to be intimate with the Lord, Venus Raj will always be beautiful inside and out.

“In the past, I fought for my crown. Today, I no longer desire for an earthly crown, but for an eternal one. It has become my life mission to share the true Giver of eternal life, the One who fought all the battles for me: Jesus Christ.”


November 17th Daily Prophetic Word of God

November 17th Daily Prophetic Word of God


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Man Tries To Numb His Depression With Alcohol And Pills Until He Met A Friend Who Told Him About Jesus

Man Tries To Numb His Depression With Alcohol And Pills Until He Met A Friend Who Told Him About Jesus

When Linkin Park lead singer Chester Bennington committed suicide, the phrase “depression doesn’t have a face” spread across social media. It surfaced after Bennington’s wife released a video clip of her husband in such a good mood 36 hours before his death. Without a doubt, depression is a difficult condition to spot on and Bennington is not the only one who tried to hide behind a smile.

Al Bettis also struggled the same thing. With no father and his mother being a heroin addict, Al’s childhood was a challenging one. He could not find the love, care and attention that he needed as early as 6 years old. When his grandparents got custody of him, he thought that was the solution to his problems.

He was happy with his relationship with his grandfather until he died. That was the triggering moment for his depression. Things became worse after his grandmother died 5 years later. Feeling so much pain and hurt, Al tried to hide his struggle with pills and alcohol. But it wasn’t long until he met a friend who helped him find the missing piece in his life.

Watch Al’s testimony below and may you be inspired to overcome depression!

Source: The Official 700 Club

November 16 Daily Prophetic Word of God

November 16 Daily Prophetic Word of God

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