Joyce Meyer: ‘God Promises To Heal And Restore You From Your Past’

Joyce Meyer: ‘God Promises To Heal And Restore You From Your Past’

by Will Maule

One of the most incredible things about being a Christians is knowing that God forgives you of your past. No matter what you have done, if you turn to Jesus Christ with a repentant heart, he will forgive and restore you – that is His promise. Preacher and author Joyce Meyer has expanded on this in a recent video.

“God is in the business of healing and restoration. Your entire life does not have to be ruined because someone hurt you,” declares Joyce.


“Even if you did some terrible things. Maybe you hurt somebody, maybe you’re in prostitution, maybe you had several abortions and now you wish you hadn’t done that.”

Regret is pointless, says Joyce. If you have asked for forgiveness, you know you are accepted by God’s grace.

“Regret is pretty much useless. We can be sorry for the things that we’ve done but then we need to receive forgiveness and go on. Living with regret will suck the life out of you,” she argues.


“If you’ve done wrong things in the past and you’re still holding it against yourself it’s time for you to say “I am gonna shake that off.”

“When I think about some of the things that were done to me as a child, to be honest at this point, I feel like I’m thinking about somebody I used to know a long, long time ago.”

“Now sometimes it will come back to my mind, but you have to make decisions, you can’t just go by what you feel all the time.”

“God promises to heal and restore.”

Watch Joyce talk more about this below.

‘What if you are Jesus’ sibling?’ Prepare To Laugh Out Loud!

Michael Jr. is a prominent Christian comedian who brings so much humor to the church.
For him, it is okay to laugh in the church and it is no sin. His career started in a movie theater when the projector accidentally broke. His friends encouraged him to take the stage instead and crack some clean joke. From then, he got a lot of invitations from different shows on TV.

And who would have thought that God will use his talent to make the church laugh?Watch a video of him below. You will surely laugh out loud.

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If We Are Already Forgiven, Can We Just Keep Sinning? This Answer Will AMAZE You

by Will Maule

It is one of the most common questions for those who are intrigued by the Christian faith, but are not ready to give up their old way of living: If we are already forgiven, can’t we just do whatever we want? Well, Todd Friel at Wretched was recently asked this by a student, and his answer was quite profound.

“God will forgive any sinner, because Jesus is divine, and his sacrifice can forgive any sin,” says Friel, in an outreach event at a college. However, if you are saying you can go on sinning all that you want to because you are covered by the grace of God, you would be thinking about it like this:


“It would be like a young man going camping with his Father. They set up camp by the water. His Father says “Son, whatever you do, don’t take that boat into the water, it is alligator infested.” The son agrees, and the Dad falls asleep.

“The starts looking at the paddle boat and decides to go out into the lake. Alligators start swirling around. He gets rocked, he tips over and falls into the water. The next thing he knows is he passes out. He wakes up with his head on the sand looking up at the sky. He looks over and his Dad has been clearly mauled by alligators.”

“The Son immediately realizes “Wow, I blew it! My Dad jumped in to rescue me. He saved me from that!”


“Now, imagine if that young man had then said, “Thanks Dad” and went out in the boat and did it again,” says Friel.

“You would say he doesn’t esteem the sacrifice of his Father.”

“When you understand that Jesus actually died for you in a very nasty, humiliating way, you don’t want to sin anymore!”

Watch the brilliant video below.

Proof Of The Existence Of Tower Of Babel Found On Ancient Stone Tablet

Proof Of The Existence Of Tower Of Babel Found On Ancient Stone Tablet

May 11, 2017 by Will Maule

Researchers believe that they have found ‘proof’ that the tower of babel existed after the discovery of a stone tablet. “Biblical scholars have long debated whether the Tower of Babel really existed. Now, a remarkable stone tablet never before shown on film appears to settle that question,” the Smithsonian magazine says.

The tablet, which dates to about 600 B.C., owned by Norwegian businessman Martin Schøyen. It depicts the clearest image ever found of the Great Ziggurat of Babylon, according to Andrew George, professor of Babylonian history at the University of London.


Genesis 11:4 reads, “Come, let us build ourselves a city and a tower with its top in the sky, and so make a name for ourselves; otherwise we shall be scattered all over the Earth.”

“But the Lord came down to see the city and the tower the people were building. The Lord said, “If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them. Come, let us go down and confuse their language so they will not understand each other. So the Lord scattered them from there over all the Earth, and they stopped building the city. That is why it was called Babel — because there the Lord confused the language of the whole world. From there the Lord scattered them over the face of the whole Earth.”

Watch more on this remarkable story below.


When This Jewish Girl Saw Jesus In A Dream EVERYTHING Changed!

Jewish girl Daniella had the most remarkable encounter with the Lord Jesus in a dream that changed her life forever.

Growing up at school, she was bullied for being overweight. “They would always laugh about it, and sing songs about it,” she says. “They’d say “you’re ugly and you’re fat.” And my parents new about it, and my teachers knew about it.”

“No-one did anything.”


Daniella felt incredibly lonely. “I felt just unloved in every possible way. All this loneliness I felt, and the pain from everyone else around me, just felt like a wasn’t worth anything,” she recalls.

Then, in seventh grade, she had a dream.

“There was this fish. And behind him stood a figure ith a light, saying something. The dream just kept on coming back.”

 She didn’t think anything of it. Her life began to improve. She went to a new school, made new friends, and even met a boy, Nathaniel. One evening, she was in his room, when she discovered a book under his pillow. It was a Bible.

“I looked at the cover and flipped through the book. Suddenly I saw the fish! The fish from my dream!”

She couldn’t believe it. “I got really hyper. I asked “whose book is this?!”

I asked Nathaniel “What’s different about you?”

He said he was a Messianic Jew. He explained that he believed in Jesus. That Jesus died for us on the cross.

Jessica began to read the New Testament and the gospel stories about Jesus Christ. She began to fall in love with this wonderful saviour. Then, the moment came that changed her life forever.

“In just one second, like the flick of a switch, my eyes were opened to see that this how God loves me. That I am loved, and that God loves me so much, that he gave his son for me, so that I can have forgiveness for my sins.”

Watch her incredible testimony below.

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