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  1. I did the resource Pastor Wayne sent out to partners about hearing God for money,purpose,relationship,and identity. And it’s been so good! What I did was at the end of the week I recorded it in my voice memos and named them. So when I’m feeling challenged in one of those areas I can go back and listen to what the lord spoke to me and enter back into those visions and be encouraged. I hold onto the words Pastor Wayne speaks into my life so I figure I should also hold onto the words the Lord speaks directly into my heart. Anyways I’ve kept it going and plan to continue:)

  2. Thank you for your timely word. I will do as you have instructed and I do agree with all you said. We as a family will persevere ! God bless you and your ministry.

  3. Pastor Wayne gave me a word a few months ago about revelation coming to me in the deep of the sleep. Honestly I kind of forgot about it until a few weeks ago I was really seeking God on the verse Seek ye first the kingdom and his righteousness and all things will be added to you. So I said God what exactly does that look like. I kind of understood it as ok we’re made righteous through Christ so I guess it means believing and doing things his way. But I still thought of the kingdom as in up in the clouds like his domain. So anyways I wasn’t letting it go until I had an answer. So I went to sleep that night and my son woke me up in the middle of the night and I was half asleep half awake telling him to go back to sleep and at the same time that verse was running through my mind seek the kingdom and his righteousness and all things will be added. And my spirit was in a wrestle and then I heard: the kingdom is not a place or a thing it’s a Culture. The kingdom is not a place or a thing it’s a people. We are a royal priesthood a holy nation. We see things different and do things different because we are cultured in Him. Almost like little gods running around. We should be known by our culture. That is how we can be in this world but not of it. We have our own way of living and it’s much higher and defined than the worlds. I know years ago I heard Myles Munroe talk about the kingdom and probably others but I never truly got a hold of it until it was deposited in my spirit. But it wasn’t too long before I started doubting if that revelation was from God. I thought I was half asleep was I just overthinking and is that even a legit biblical answer to my question. and then I rememberd pastor Wayne’s word about the deep of the sleep and I kept a hold of it and dug in some more. Just goes to show how quickly the enemy gets in there to steal the word a treasure God has given you.

  4. I wanted to let anyone know that if you have been between decisions about counseling, receiving a prophetic word or just seeking the assistance of someone to help you further along in your walk with the LORD. I would like to tell you that Pastor Wayne has been a very valuable instrument for me over the past couple of years. I began with prophetic words and recently started counseling and life coaching, he has helped me to accomplish and gain insight into many areas of my life that has been a challenge for many years of my life.

    In so doing, I just recently Praise God completed a task that I had been working on for the past 10 years – he brought such confirmation to what I had knew I should have been doing. That gave me the ability in spite of overwhelming obstacles to grab a hold of my destiny and press forward regardless of what was in the seen.

    Also, I think that it is important to note that he has the compassion and humility that I have not found in many other counselors. I find him to be truly a blessing to the Kingdom for such a time as this. There is much more that I could say, but I reminded of the man that was born blind and the statement rendered with regards to questions was: “he is of age, he can speak for himself.”

    God Bless you Pastor Wayne.

  5. Out of all the prophetic news I ever saw, I only ever liked pastor Wayne Sutton’s-“you have heard the others claim judgement and those that claim blessings in 2015-but whatever you magnify I will magnify”.

    God did not even bother confirming or denying those people because it didn’t matter to you, not because he wanted to keep knowledge from you. The first lesson at the tree of good and evil was that it was called the knowledge of good and evil, but wisdom was sacrificed in obtaining this knowledge. Not only wisdom, but control-over a perfect life.

    Nowadays you same people think news will give exclusivity and control and education or bring you the ticket to becoming an “informed citizen”. On the cultural level, the world wrecked decades into childrens’ lives by ramming in history geography and social studies, yet foreign policy is fraught with violence and accusations-only governance and asymmetrical warfare and mutual deterrance and economics (when it became unprofitable to conquer other nations) stopped wars. You watch the news but could not stop the bullet from landing on yourself.

    You join police abuse monitoring forums but do not mentally prepare for mortal kombat when you need it. You watch violence in news but know no self defense. Your thirst for knowledge grew above your thirst for knowledge and control. You forsook learning investment for the news. You watch the news as a pasttime and yet you try to be edgy by superficially claiming it brainwashes on spiritual warfare forums. Even when you want something to talk about, you choose the news instead of TV shows.

    Some of you even forsook personal prophecy for intergovernmental prophetic news who at their most precise have said nothing we can ever remember.

    Look at the news God gave you through brother Wayne Sutton for 2015, all ye subscribers. Was it even “new”? In the sense that this was less so 2014? Or going to be less so 2016? It was an eternal statement God drills into you using many many different ways to word it. It was also one-lined because that one line can give you far more than a year of news. It shows you the core of news is wisdom and control. It is the ever valid segregating mark of wisdom from gossip.

  6. This guy truly here’s from God. I’ve received 2 prophetic words from him. The first ,I used a different name for billing reasons so I’m thinking we’ll it’s not going to be for me because of that, but keeping in mind that he hears directly from God so I prayed and told God that it was for me. Well needless to say the words he spoke were directly for me it spoke directly into my situation at the time. And amazingly he also gave a word for my mom. This guy is the real deal. God bless pastor Wayne.

  7. I was blessed beyond measure as I listened to the Word from the!ord through you, Pastor Wayne. I’ve gone through some major life changes in the past year & so His message today was strengthening to my heart & soul. He gives hope/favor when all seems lost.
    May He richly bless you.

  8. I eagerly await hearing from Pastor Wayne! The word I receive is a confirmation of what is going on in my life. God uses Pastor Wayne to confirm, guide & direct through the words he speaks. This has been life changing for me; I trust the words he speaks are truly from God.

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