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  1. Good morning Pastor Wayne Sutton. I received your prophecy in the mail on Tuesday. I’m just now going through my emails, found your prophecy you sent to me and listened to it.

    You described exactly what is going on with me right now. God is sending so many ideas to me that I can hardly keep up. I try to write them down as they come. I have been asking for direction and the such. Your word blessed me. Thank you for your faithful service.

    May God bless and your family and may the Holy Spirit rest on you mightily to advance the kingdom of God.

  2. I was in the hospital diagnoised with sciatica. Body jerking and pains aching in the nerves. I continue to pray and believe in the prophetic words that have been spoken to me. I move in and by faith!.

    F. Amos

  3. How do I overcome? With the word of God and invoking the power of the Holy Spirit. We have daily trials & tribulations in our lives, whether in our bodies, minds or families. Releasing it all to God and leaving it with Him brings me such peace now. I am not in control, He is, because God rules and reigns in every situation. I am in my senior years now and I thank God for every new day and Blessings from Him. Life is going by faster. Trusting in Him is all I have . I pray this will help someone with their burdens, because He is there waiting to take them from you.

  4. Hi Pastor Wayne besides giving me a couple of very inspiring prophecies also had a word of knowledge regarding health issues as i have fatigue and joint problems, electrolytes issues was the word of knowledge which has helped me to discover other underlying problems to get health back on track. The team always prays when I send request and I know it makes a difference when I face some things

  5. Many years ago my heart was broken when my husband left me and our 1-year-0ld daughter. He was very emotionally and physically abusive but still I could not handle the grief of a broken marriage, broken dreams of a family, etc. I cried for a couple of years over this. One night in my room I physically ran out of tears, which was scary. I did not know why God would let me go through this. All I had ever wanted in life was to be married and have a family. I was at my lowest point when I physically felt the Holy Spirit come to me and comfort me that night. When I awoke the next morning, I was exceedingly refreshed and excited about the future. I went to work and told my boss “I just know something GOOD is going to happen for me!!” Not long after that my phone rang at home and it was a gentleman I had met for a brief (seconds) time about 5 months before that when he and I were both back in our home state of Minnesota visiting our families. (I was in Texas then and he was in Oregon). My best friend was with me and saw him and his mom walking towards us. She said “Oh there’s my friend, and she has her cute son with her. I hear he’s divorced – do you want to meet him?” And I said yes and we were introduced and then my daughter ran away and I had to run after her (she was a preschooler). I just got his name and that was all. I later found out that my friend sent my photo with my daughter to his mom and she sent it to him with my phone number, saying to call me. He told her “Mother, it will never work.” She said “You call her, she’s lonely too.” So, after those months he called me and we had a nice chat. He kept calling me and 6 months later he came to visit me in November. We really hit it off and in 2 days I knew I would marry him. We met in Minnesota in December and met each other’s families. We had barely spent any time together before our engagement in February and our marriage that July. We have been happily married nearly 29 years now and have 2 more daughters. God is so good!

  6. I Praise The Lord Jesus in his greatness,I feel he’s become more alive inside me dwells me in my body(the temple of the Holy spirit) he arrange the relationship inside my family Gods is working , in man its looks impossible but because I choose to trust the Lord all things are possible, he give me peace of my mind, power I feel because the Holy spirit dwells in me. I Thank God he never leave me he remains faithful even I don’t pray much before I still feel his presence. he’s a loving God. He’s my comforter , my strong tower. He loves me somuch he is my secret place. He remove my bitterness he arrange me my attitude. My relation to my father solong time ago I feel not comfortable with him but because of prayer he suddenly change my father and my feelings become comfortable to him,before I can’t even talk to him, he don’t talk also to my mom and siblings but see how amazing God we have. he arrange my father he become kind in a short days we become comfortable to eachother.

  7. Pastor Wayne please go here and you will find out that God is putting into place a agenda to over turn Roe Vs Wade. In 2010 God came to a Fire Fighter Christian and you can read God’s prophecies here. God told this man that one Supreme Court Justice would die. That was scaley , God was not happy about His Servant Scaley dying,. But then God said one more Supreme Court will retire, and 3 more will be let go cause of scandal. I know this is God’s Prophecies I felt the Holy Spirit. God plans to pick the Supreme Court Justices through Trump and over throw Roe Vs Wade. God’s in command of America. In fact Trump is already going after the Elite Pediaphile rings. Go to Prophetic word top right handsome. I’m thankful that they are taking these Pediaphile rings down. The children who are innocent need to be protected. I was sexually abused as a child. And being a highly sensitive person, Children mean a lot to me. I think you should be in the know of God’s plans. The Spirit of God says that we christians will form a army to help all the Oppressed that is out there. You will also find that at Believe me when I say God and Jesus is in control of America and Israel. God needs 1 billion more souls before Jesus comes.

  8. Testimony on Wayne Sutton’s Ministry….


    I have followed Wayne Sutton for a while now and we have become friends. I believe his ministry to be sincere and honest, which these days is rare!

    I had been traveling in Chile on vacation and was using a guest pass working out at the gym when the Lord spoke to me to send a gift of love to Wayne’s ministry. My mind said send $100 but God said no send $200 and “watch what I will do”.

    So I send Wayne $200 through PayPal and specifically asked the Lord to prosper my business and to expose any hinderances in our business.

    A couple hours had past when I received a text from our store manager. We own a restaurant and the manager and the crew were cleaning the ceilings in the kitchen area. Under one of the ceiling panels, our manager found a strange blue bag.

    We discovered it was a curse/charm/spell bag placed their by an ex-employee to hinder our business. Our city has allot of new age and witchcraft practitioners.

    It just so happens that our manager was a missionary from Africa and identified what it was and knew how to destroy the charm/curse.

    We have struggled for years in our business and this could be part of the issue!

    My point is this, when God speaks to you, obey! When you give, give with love and joy! God may have you give or do an act of kindness so he can release something into your life.

    God may have you give to Wayne Sutton or someone completely different, but just make sure you obey the voice of God and that you give to a ministry made of good soil. Wayne is good soil and an honest man!

    I take no glory for any of this as I could have just as easily missed it and ignored God. To God be all the glory!

    Pastor Tom Cash

  9. A large deer had run into my husband’s vehicle one night last week causing damage of $4800. We were offered more than vehicle was worth, $6500 and we have been given 3 days extension on brand new rental truck they provided us with so that we have enough time to fix a car given to us 2 weeks ago by our daughter lol Two nights in a row prior to the accident my husband was woken up at 1:23. I was excited because this usually happens to me. I believed it was Psalm 23:1 , The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not lack… He rolled his eyes of course but now he’s amazed! He is our Good Great Shepherd hallelujah! No worries!

  10. Bless God im so happy to post I prayed for a home to rent & I could buy and the home had a long list of “musts” things like wood floors & no carpets decks & garden area & a real good community LOTS & God brought them ALL & a ocean view & accessible beach also ! Bless the Lord I waited a long time for this & iys a great home Ive never enjoyed living somewhere as much as this BUT one of the things I asked for was a second unit in the home, (for my daughter) & i had forgot that a person may be living there! Yes there were ppl living below us when we moved here :/ The man & his son have been a unbelievable amount of stress & prior to us have managed to drive several families away last one left mid month & left damage deposit but with prayer & doing things Gods way I have him moving right now! Bless the Lord, He is LEAVING my home! We really really need to own this property next & have Katie & a student downstairs business issues resolved so worship Him with me as He is faithful! The creepy guy is moving !!!! YAY Jesus Ty so much

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