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  1. Thank You, Lord! The repair shop fixed my car engine just as I’d asked You to have them do it the previous night–effeiciently & economically! Thank You for guiding me to the right people. I trust the repair will last a long time.

  2. I should also have said how God’s brought us to a really GREAT property location & other good things are enabling us to have a productive business. Well woth the wait & it has a lower unit separate for Katie one day & although she’s not here I’m doing a lot better. Lots of stuff God’s faithful & I’m thankful for prayer ..huge breakthrough this is providing
    Shalom & ty for your prayeing

  3. I had a meeting that needed to happen with our financial planner as our last meeting went not as communicated & cost us lots of tax & we were able to sort through & left today’s meeting with our goals reached & felt like we made good progress. Were pullin 28 out & no tax! Looks like no hoops to jump through & wete Not paying 30% like we just paid on smaller version amount & also the last quarter he saw 5k in gains ! Truth & I’m believing that he Larry our planner SEES God & understands that it’s His favour enabling us as we keep moving forward. As this man’s help is much needed & prayer changed stuff TY for praying !!!

  4. Today I am a full time student! Yay! I had this deep, burning desire in my heart to return to school but was seriously dragging my feet. I partnered with The Second Adam; spoke with Pastor Wayne and immediately started looking for a school. I found the perfect school for me and against all odds – money off, no equipment, no time – I shrugged that all off, applied, was accepted and today is my first day. I am overjoyed. Thank you Jesus!

  5. I received a word from Prophet Wayne on April 30. I want to say the Lord is speaking through you. I have been seeing some of what you spoke over my life manifesting, & I look forward to all of it coming to pass. Thank you so much. May Yahweh bless you with even greater revelation & may Yahshua’s love overflow even more & more through your ministry.

  6. The organized mind is a great resource. I’ve been paying attention to myself over the past months and how much time I waste on small decisions but mostly indecision. The energy I waste sometimes deciding, I could have used to just do that thing without stress or headache. Definately something everyone could benefit from. It’s amazing how distracted we can be, even with good things, from Gods greater purpose in our life.

  7. I gave my donation for a prophetic word April 16th 2015 and i never got it i have e-mailed you and i get no response i have my recites and emails thanks God bless you.

  8. I would like to thank Pastor Wayne. I had asked for prayer for my sister who had a surgery. There had been some risks for health and life. The surgery went well. She came through all well and totally healed. So I thank God for that! And I thank Pastor Wayne for praying.

  9. Prophet Wayne, I got a job today, start tomorrow.
    I must share this vision I had with you. I had a vision, I walked through two very large doors into an open wide space out side and everything was growing, all kinds of things, fruits a vegetables and fruits very large fruits and vegetables as well as all kinds of foliage. I was picking the fruits from the trees and had to carry them (one) on my shoulder it was so big and very big pumpkins. than it started to shower rain, not hard but steady. This was the blessing that i believe the lord was showing me he was bringing me into. A steady continuous flow of blessing. Bless the Lord Thank

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