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  1. My name is Gary Cook, some time back I was really struggling with my faith everything was coming against me, i mean everything. It does not matter how long we have been saved there will always be something that will come up in our lives that speaks contrary to the promise’s of God for our lives, but we have to always, always fight the GOOD FIGHT OF FAITH and never let go of God’s love for us and his promise’s. He never fails. Like the three hebrew children facing the fiery furnace but they did not deny the promise that God will, would and did deliver them. Praise the lord his words are always true he will not fail us/you just keep trusting no matter what it looks like, those things are lies, just hold to your confession of faith and his word and all we be alright. Trust me when I say this. What ever your going through Jesus is with you and will not dishonor his word. I said all this to say, I GOT A JOB TODAY right at the last second when it seemed all was lost.
    I PRAISE my personal JESUS for his goodness, faithfulness his love for me, I magnify his wonderful name. What I’m saying TRUST JESUS!!!!!!! HE WONT FAIL YOU. Amen

  2. You healed my right shoulder on live sermon of the 24th Wayne, and I only watched it now on the 26th! My right side can now walk at equal height to my left side Wayne. For eight years I have suffered it. For five I have cried to Jesus to do something about it. Thank you Wayne. What a man following the ancient way-healer grabbing hold of people. Nowadays they call it revival and people have to go beg healers after finding them 6 cities across their own, then not get the chance to go up the podium. Your internet sermons put those people to shame, who insist “it’s not the same if you don’t go to church”. Where there is housing, I church. Where somebody offer me water, I drink. Wayne is a worthy steward of the true house of The Lord, who offers real food and real drink!

  3. My praise report today comes from a prophecy back in September, that I want to thank our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for the joy and the wisdom He has allowed me to experience in my life. The Lord has thought me to watch my thoughts and to use discernment through out this time, and the discisions I have made have been all the guidance and leading of the Lord. As I continue to pray that God’s will rules and Holy Spirit rains in my body. Again thank you Pastor Wayne for your vision in comforting the children of God. Praise the Lord…

  4. I’ll never forget how God helped me pay off a $10,000 credit card debt. A furnished room was part of a house that soon after I arrived to live there went into foreclosure. The landlord fled and I didn’t have to pay $800/month rent for about 14 months. I was able to pay it all of with that money. And I thought I’d solely picked out that place to live when actually it was the Lord guiding me! Yes, Lord! Do it again! Thank You & Amen!

  5. I like to say that God delivered me from alcohol and drugs. I thank him for giving me a brand new beginning,it is nothing I did .only the Grace of God.

  6. Christians who were tortured by ISIS some were killed and some were not. So some Christians took a stand and didn’t give into the fear that ISIS tries to put on Christians so some were not killed. They try to do practice drills but don’t cut off your head but you don’t know when they are going to do it so they try to put so much fear in you that you give in. Some Christians don’t give into the fear so that bothers ISIS why they cannot break these Christians.

  7. I’m still battling issues even after I moved out of the area. Some leaders cannot be corrected so God is silent but he is still working dealing with poor choices and leaders that refuse to obey God so God corrects people behind the scenes. When I moved I had a light that flashes when I was in the previous city I left behind well it went out which means my light I had wasn’t received and it went out of that city when I moved because leaders didn’t want to hear. Jeremiah was always telling leaders what God said but they wouldn’t listen so judgment from God was the answer for them.

  8. I want to thank Pastor Wayne for his faithfulness in the Lord. Pastor has a real heart to bring comfort to the people of God and a vision to see the work of God being manifested in the lives of the believers. Praise God for him and his family. My family and I have been struggling for the pass 4 months financially, very, very difficult time but God has been faithful through it all and has kept us under the feathers of His wings. We are now out of our circumstances and looking forward to a blessed life financially. Remember that you are not under the law, But you have been Redeemed… Redeem from the curse of the law, from poverty, from sickness, and from spiritual death… Thank you Pastor for your vision and faithful heart. Amen…

  9. After receiving a prophetic word from Pastor Wayne I received $1500. Thank you for the Awesome prophetic word. Glory to God!!!!

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