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I Was Nervous. Very Nervous. I felt Like Every Eye Was On Me… And Then I HEARD GOD As I Prophesied For The First Time Ever!

Have you ever thought to yourself, “How can I hear the voice of God?” “Is that God speaking or my own thoughts?”

Have you ever wanted someone to take you by the hand and show you step-by-step how to truly understand and then walk confidently in the prophetic?

The Apostle Paul told us to seek all spiritual gifts, especially the gift of prophecy. Today prophecy is either misunderstood, ignored, or it has become too “mystical” for the body of Christ to walk out in power and accuracy.

Today that changes for you!

I am pleased to bring to you the complete Prophetic Boot Camp DVD program by Prophetic Counselor and Seer Wayne Sutton.

This program is your key to finally understanding and walking in the prophetic realities! In this DVDBoot Camp you will be studying with Wayne as if you were in the conference room yourself!

And, there are several other bonus resources included that will catapult you into the next level of prophetic ministry and understanding…

Look closely at the revelations revealed as you invest in this powerful course…

  • How Ignorance is a KEY to receiving the Kingdom of God!
  • Chinese Food, Holy Ghost, and what?
  • The 3 time tables of prophecy!
  • How to receive the gift of prophecy!
  • Are YOU a prophet or not – how to tell…
  • A Simple test to know your ministry office
  • What is the SPIRIT of prophecy?
  • Are you serving an ice cream Jesus?
  • Why “cheating” in Seminary proved to work out ok…

And if this has already caught your attention, you will also discover…

  • Why Questions are truly the answer
  • A moped, marijuana, and a man of God!
  • Exactly why prophecy IS love.
  • How prophecy dismantles false identity
  • How prophecy establishes true divine identity
  • How Jesus saw people… it’s not like we often see them
  • 11:11 God speaking through numbers to us!
  • Why you must slow down now!
  • 2 Ways you can hear Gods voice – today!
  • The prophetic watch – not your ordinary Timex!
  • A bloody war for a garbage dump?
  • Prophesying over Muslims…
  • $5 palm readings– what’s that about?

This course is full of revelation and as you go through the course, take notes, and then take more notes! The wealth of revelation is very deep and in-depth!

On the last half of the prophetic course you will witness Wayne Sutton release even more discoveries on the prophetic, such as…

  • How frozen turkeys in Virginia Beach sparked a personal revival in the heart of many!
  • The canvas of imagination and Holy Spirit
  • How to discern words of knowledge for healing!
  • The battle of the ages – prophets vs. psychics!
  • The difference between knowledge and revelation…
  • The 2 types of prophets today
  • What is a Kleenex prophecy?
  • Prophetic dreams, symbolism, and what they reveal…
  • What do Audible Voices in dreams mean to us?
  • How God corrected Waynein a prophetic dream!
  • What is an open vision?
  • How to discern “visions of the mind”
  • The subtle secret of prophetic impressions
  • The audible voice of GOD!
  • Moving in the gift of prophecy is done by _______.
  • What you MUST do when you receive a prophetic word.
  • How do you JUDGE a prophetic word?
  • Is there such a thing as Prophetic Protocol?
  • Do you need a mentor or is Holy Spirit your mentor?
  • How to “tune-in” to your spiritual gifting
  • Treasure Hunting with Holy Ghost!

Have you become excited yet?

This boot camp was not only revelatory, but it’s FUN! After hours of prophetic discovery Wayne moves into the practice of the gifts, and prophetic exercises! This is where you will learn…

  • What is the prophetic “chicken-line”
  • What if, or WHEN you miss it?
  • A healing evangelist and a prophet walk into a church… and then this happens!
  • Why Satan HATES prophecy and fights the gift!
  • Exactly How YOU receive the gift of prophecy!
  • The lost doctrine of Impartation
  • Why You receive ____________.
  • 50% of people _______ and 50% __________ through impartation!

You will also hear about Wayne’s face-to-face love battle with a Satanic Witch, about praying with EYES WIDE OPEN, and why your truth is not theology!

Among all of the obvious reasons to invest in this home-study course, I invite you to consider what is YOUR reason?

As you think about all that you can gain from the course, I welcome you to take advantage and order this course today!

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And, to truly activate the prophetic in your life, you are going to also receive a HUGE LIST of bonuses when you take advantage of the special offer…

Bonus #1

2 Ways You can Hear God’s Voice… Today!
This short yet powerful e-book reveals how you can hear God’s voice – and do it today! It also includes a 5 week program to help you apply the rhema word of God in all areas of your life!

Bonus #2

How In Hell Can I Change?
You will receive a pdf format of Wayne’s best selling book – learn the 5 keys that Holy Spirit spoke about transformation. $7.95 value

Bonus #3

3 Private Lessons from Insight Group Coaching
You will learn the 4 levels of awareness that everyone in the world is within, you will discover the secrets of your purpose and destiny, and so much more in the 3 powerful hours of Insight life coaching! $149.00 value

Bonus #4

Healing Scriptures Soaking CD
A wonderful soaking CD of healing scriptures set to relaxing music and a soothing voice. Perfect for your soaking and resting in the presence of God! $9.95 value

Bonus #5

How To Unlock The Prophetic Portals In Your Life!
This is a powerful teaching based on a vision/experience from Pastor Wayne. Learn how unlocking prophetic portals begins with yourself! You already have prophetic portals waiting to be released! $19.95 value

This special price is good until THIS FRIDAY ONLY and then it will go to the normal price. Also, you will receive the ENTIRE program of books, cd’s, and DVD’s all in a powerful convenient download– you have full access without keeping up with a bunch of CD’s and DVD’s – very convenient!

Your investment until Friday is only $49.95

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