The Lord Picked Jenn Johnson Up By The Hair Of Her Head In An Amazing Vision

Jenn Johnson shares about an experience with the Lord that helped her seeing problems through Heaven’s perspective. If you think someone’s killing you, and you feel your joy is being sucked out… watch this!

During a hard time in life, Jenn Johnson got an amazing encounter with the Lord. The situation was really painful. “The Lord, I just saw him reach down, and he picked me up by the hair of my head. In a kind way and he skyrocketed me through up to the ceiling, up to the clouds, up to the universe. I was looking down and it was beyond time, space, outside of this little world that I had created with this problem.”

“You ever have those problems that just feels like it’s your whole world?”

“From that perspective I looked down and it was like the globe, you couldn’t even see the whole world, you know! You not only could see my problem.”

“The Lord spoke to me very sternly. He said: ‘Do you see this problem?'”


The Lord: “So that’s right. It’s going to be fine and what matters eternally.”

“It wasn’t the situation changed within a moment, but our perspective changed.”

“God spoke to me: ‘I want you to embrace joy and sorrow with equal tension because I’m both.”

“I came back down. And it rearranged everything. It changed everything. And that’s the encounter that we need.”

“Sometimes you just need to stop and take a minute and just.. God draft me into your perspective. God is constant. God is steadfast and what he’s up to hasn’t changed. And that’s eternity, that’s the reality that we have to partner with every moment of our lives.”

‘Limbless Evangelist’ Nick Vujicic Accepts New Challenge And Releases Music Album

Nick Vujicic may have been born without any arms or legs, but he’s using his voice to reach countless people. And now he’s going to take a step further. Because not only he’s continuing to give his amazing speeches. He is also going to release his first music album!

“It’s been a dream of mine for a long time now to be able to take my mission of spreading hope, purpose & encouragement across the globe, and combine it with my love of music & song, and now finally I am getting to do it,” he told his nearly 10 million Facebook followers last week.

The album is titled Brighter World and is set for release on January 28, 2018.

The evangelist has some previous success in music. He released a music video in 2011 of him covering the song “Something More.” The video received six million views.

Was Jesus A Buddhist?

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