1-on-1 Coaching

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Personal 1-on-1 Coaching

Are You Ready To Discover God’s PLAN For You?

It’s Time To Experience The POWER Of HIS Calling…

Awaken Your Mind And Body To The Guidance Of His Holy Spirit And Finally Unlock The Purpose God Has Planned For Your Life.

Dear Believer,

What have you done today to connect yourself with the power of God’s word?

If you’re like I am, you’re constantly searching for His guidance, inspiration, wisdom and message.

And, there’s a good chance that you see it around you—working to show you His glory—and hopefully guiding you on the path that He has defined for your life.

Sometimes, however, times get difficult.

It becomes hard to understand how the events of our lives, what happens to us, the interactions with the people around us, the struggles we face in our personal lives, at work, anywhere…

Sometimes, Finding The Way To His Path For Your Life Requires Help…

That’s Why We Have His Holy Word – The Bible helps us discover and follow the path we were designed to take during our lifetimes, preparing us for eternity in His kingdom. It’s the “how to” book for our lives—and when we need help, it’s the perfect place to turn.

That’s Why We Have Prayer – Talking to Him—experiencing the healing power of His grace and the emotions tied to His message—the power of prayer acts as another important way to find your path in life. Whenever you are lost, it’s the first place to go.

That’s Why We Have Communities – The church, a community of believers to surround yourself with fellowship, an active group of people ready to do His work and experience His message. We have communities to guide us on the path to righteousness.

And That’s Why I Am Speaking To You Now – The reason I wrote this message to you right now, is because I want to help you discover the power of God’s path for you through my ministry. Keep reading to learn more!

Prophetic Counseling
Guidance, Instruction, And Wisdom
That Helps You DISCOVER Your Path Through Life

My name is Wayne Sutton, I am a Prophetic Counselor and the founder of an innovative one-on-one counseling program that can help you discover God’s plan for you.

Throughout all of my work in ministry, I discovered one key fact that bothered me—so many people don’t have access to the personal support and fellowship community that they need to make a true connection with God and His plan.

And solving that problem became part of my calling.

As a fully licensed clinical Christian counselor, temperament therapist, and minister, I’m here to provide people like you with the guidance, instruction, and wisdom—all founded on Biblical Principles—to help you listen to the Holy Spirit and discover your path through life.

If you need help discovering God’s plan and transforming your life…

If you don’t have a minister to speak to…

If you aren’t able to leave your home to participate in fellowship with others…

Consider joining me and an inner circle of believers who are listening to God’s plan for them and experiencing significant transformation in their lives.

Through the power of His holy word, proven prayer techniques, guided instruction and monthly one-on-one ministry calls, we’ll gather together in His name, exalting his glory and working toward making the changes in your life that put you on His path.

Join With Me In Fellowship Today

For one monthly investment of $299, you can join with me and a community of believers working toward understanding God’s plan for them.

You’ll receive access to…

  • Prophetic Exercises
  • Assignments
  • Guidance, Instruction, And Wisdom
  • Biblical Lessons
  • Monthly One-On-One Phone Calls
  • Two 55 Minute Sessions Per Month
  • Unlimited Support Emails
  • Unlimited Text Support

Let Me Help You Discover God’s Plan For You

Hurry, Spaces Are Limited

Join in me once per month in a one-hour telephone fellowship session where we discuss your path, God’s plan for you, and the power of His word.

Plus unlimited e-mail and text messages with Prophet Wayne – personally!

I’ll also provide assignments, instruction, and Biblical-based learning strategies to help you improve your relationship with Him.

Because I am busy with my ministry, spaces are limited.

While I developed this program because I believe there are people who need support and people who would like to experience the power of God’s grace through fellowship sessions without leaving their homes, understand that I don’t have unlimited time!

Additionally, your fee of $299 helps us support the outreach ministry and continue to do God’s work.

Click on the link below to register!