10-7 Minister Paul Live-Stream Online Church Topic “YOKED!”

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Welcome everyone to our Live-stream this is YOUR Church so come in and make yourself comfortable in Chat! The Holy Bible says that, “He inhabits our Praise” so let’s all start off by Praise Jesus and telling Him how thankful we are for what He did for us, is doing for us and shall do for us. We will cast off our heavy burdens and Ungodly Yokes in this Service and leave them at the feat of Jesus where they belong! Amen!
I have to move this Live Stream off of You-tube it’s the only way, And get a better camera. It is a Bit-rate and Stream Issue on You-tubes End not mine and I am pretty sure it is intentional on their end due to the nature of the Streams in these end times. I know this can be done without YT and I don’t need to reach or have 15000 people listen actually 10 would be fine by me. I can make this happen twice a week I’m thinking Wed and Sun and it will be WARFARE PRAYERS and End Time Prophecy Topics but I need your help to make it happen if you can give please give I refuse to quit I want to make this happen … You can give on Pay Pal Using or at if you can help please help and let’s do this if not I understand too.

Written by Wayne

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  1. Hey Minister Paul I remember that dream you had about McCarthy and he was doing great but now he stepped down, but I remember in your dream he was really just being loud and obnoxious so maybe the dream is still prophetic, I hope this makes some sense. Let me know what you think

  2. Dear Minister Paul, I see and hear you loud and clear… FAITH HONORS GOD and GOD HONORS FAITH … HALLELUJAH! FAITH is an ACT…JESUS said,"Don't say you Love me…or don"t say you Believe in me… if you can't keep my commandments…DO MY WORD." Thank you Minister Paul for DOING HIS WORD…HALLELUJAH! GOD BLESS TO ALL!

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