11-18-15 Online Church – The End Time Manifestation of Miracles Signs & Wonders!

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The Holy Spirit wants me to Proclaim an Outpouring of Miracles Signs & Wonders that we will experience in this Final Season as we Await His Return! I will lay down a Biblical Foundation for this message as I do every message and Jesus Christ will Be Glorified and His People Exhorted and Uplifted!! It’s About Love Saint’s and always will be we MUST Operate In Love Jesus Commanded It! Cast Your Burdens Down at the Feet of Jesus and Come Worship The King of Kings! You are invited to come join us, Pray with us, Fellowship with us and learn and grow with us as we await our Blessed Hope and Assurance Jesus Christ and having done all we SHALL Stand! Stand As One in Unity and in Faith! For those who would like to send a Confidential Prayer Request or to Bless this Ministry with an Offering for our Homeless Outreach and Upcoming Mission Trips please visit our website here : or you may also write to: Paul Maxson 1111 Broken Spur Way Plumas Lake, CA 95961

Written by Wayne

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  1. Shalom minester Paul ,powerfull service,just finished watching it right now…satan is defeated ,all glory to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ … God bless you and your ministery, Amen!!!

  2. just watched anointed!I do believe we will see angels!The outpouring has begun and will continue to increase.It's only going to get better for the bride of Christ.Repentance from sin everyday,Fear of GOd Coming in , Fire of GOd to DRive out Demons. Signs ,wonders and miracles increasing,REStorationand refreshing,harvest coming in,KING OF GLORYcoming in!HALLELUJAH> So much to rejoice in. Best of all our beloved bridegroom is coming!May the LOrd help you to continue to preach mightily. I was so blessed by your testimony.Praying for you and Gail Love And Shalom Doreen SAlsano

  3. Minister Paul, my brothers baby was born Sept. 17, cool right =]
    i haven't seen your new videos, but i wish to be like you, courageous!
    ~from your Pakistani Muslim fan here :P

  4. I am in full agreement with you my brother in Christ! They(signs and miracles) have been increasing in my own personal walk and ministry like never before! JESUS CHRIST is coming!! God bless you Minister Paul! Isaiah 46 10-14 came to my mind well writing this.

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