18. Lesson. Jesus’ vision for the church – The Pioneer School

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This is an extremely important message to the church today. Here Torben shows us what it really was Jesus has called us to. Yes, much of what we do today in the churches is the exact opposite of what Jesus said. This important message will set many free to serve God in everyday life. –

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Written by Wayne

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  1. Wow! God is good, let's go and make disciples, part of me going out to pray for the sick, makes me nervous but I can't wait to learn how to do it! looking forward to attend the kickstart in June. Recently, I've baptised one lady at her home in her own bathtub! I shared Torben's link about baptism in water and the Holy Spirit, she understood very well, thanks Torben for your amazing teaching.
    It feels so good to baptise someone and praying for people to be baptised in the Holy Spirit again, because I've stopped doing this for a looong time! I was motivated to go out and disciple others but I have to learn and grow in the Lord.
    I have a question Torben? After baptism in water, I was praying for a while for her to receive the baptism of the HS I am not sure she received it, because it seems that she was whispering and she didn't speak it out loud but she did felt something inside of her and she felt the peace.

  2. This movement seems to be more honest in their approach to the biblical matters than the most. However, one thing bothers me about Christianity generally.
    Why on earth are they repeating the same stories and stuff over and over again? This is how it would go:

    Christian: "Hey, would you like me to talk to you about something very exciting?"
    Commoner: "Sure"
    Christian: "Did you know that at one time, there lived someone who set you free by dying on your behalf? All you have to do is ask him to set you free."
    Commoner: "Yeah, sure. Jesus, right? Of course I know that it's Jesus who you're talking about. I've heard the same story about million times. Why did you ask whether I'm aware of it or not in the first place? I'm not mentally challenged either."

    The story about Christ is not something we wouldn't know about. I can understand the approach if the Christian would preach it to some distant tribe, who'd never heard of the story.

    I noticed a similar thing in churches. The priests are constantly repeating the same story, over and over again every Saturday or Sunday, even though everyone in the church must be fully aware of it. I think it's a bit weird, honestly. I've begun to think that perhaps it really is just brainwashing. What other reasons are there for the constant repetition? Telling the same thing from different angles doesn't change the fact that it's still the same thing. It's boring!

    Don't get me wrong, I am not an atheist. I believe in God, although it's clearly not identical with the Jehovah of the Bible. I want to meet and deal with people who believe in God, but I don't want to be brainwashed to anything. I like varying conversations about the nature of God, and I like creating things, such as art. I think that our creative ability is divine. What I hope is that someday people would abandon the established traditions about how God is served. Gladly, It seems that the Last Reformation is moving towards that very direction at least in a sense that they are actually going out there, doing good deeds… and I certainly hope it's real and not just some tricks.
    The church in my opinion should allow multiple interpretations about the entity "God". It's incredibly arrogant to believe that "my view about God is the correct one, and all else is lies or confusion." What about those who've been Muslims, Hindu's etc. all their lives?

  3. Great Lesson. From USA, California….meeting a group of TLR tomorrow for the first time. I am so excited!!! Praise The Lord. Everything Torben has shared makes so much sense !!!

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