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2 visions from the Lord –
[I really love this guy, please watch his testimony on how Jesus saved him on his channel]

Written by Wayne

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  1. Humans are not God. He is not them. He is not you, or me. We are not Him. How many things have been done without anyone asking Him what He thought first? Let's stay realistic.

  2. Wow!! I was feeling really lost and even though I know Jesusmtbeauty is no longer making videos , I said let me see what some other people gave downloaded if his videos and watch when. So I found this one and then I walked in my living room and looked in my fireplace and there was a potato in my fireplace wrapped in tin foil which I had put in this morning. It just felt like Jesus was saying to me, I'm w you michele????

  3. Before he left he asked me to pray for him and his family. First he left FB and then told me he would most likely be gone from YT soon. Pretty sure the Lord directed him to leave it. He left on his own accord, I think like one of his videos say .. He came out of the world. I miss him and pray for him often

  4. On 6 April 2015 like jesus give me a vision on hell in my dreams I can see streams of fire not just volcano lava ok so in my dreams I really see four unsaved souls without jesus than the streams of fore really boil up to the chest even left hand cannot see only right hand I can see than they screamed so loudly & they try to escape but they cannot escape exactly what jesus say in hell there will be torment screaming nesting of teeth & welling also. & the the smell of hell is so awful I cannot how to describe to you When I wake up I am so extremely hot & I was pending like a dog I thought jesus is taking me on a tour in hell but he did not. 

Men of Vision “I’m So Glad That Jesus Lives In Me”

Vision from Jesus, Dec 31, 2013, Repent and accept Jesus into your heart!