2008 Endtime Vision of Jesus on a Cloud

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Matthew 7:21-23

Our time is EXTREMELY SHORT. Jesus is coming really soon. We all must do whatever it takes to get on the narrow road. If we have walked away from Jesus and hurt Him, we can come back and he will forgive us. He will be happy, if we return. Please, come back to Jesus. We must know Him intimately and obey whatever he says.

Webcam video from April 10, 2014 7:12 PM

Written by Wayne

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  1. hey brother, just wanted to tell you that we are soon to leave, but not in the rapture like you are thinking right now.  we are all soon heading to israel. this is the prophecy spoken of in ezekiel. all israel will dwell in the land in security and there cities will be fortified. also in the book of dainel 12.  in those days michael the great prince will stand and all those who are written in the book will get away safe.  in israel there will be safty in the finel part of the days and all will know israel will be the center of the world. this has to come first. and how do we know this isnt in the new system? because when armagedon happens all the nations are destroyed! there is a great war. and everything. in ezekiel and dainel the books talk about they will dwell in peace and that the nations will be at war or they will say is that the garden of eden. they will layment and all that kind of stuff. in armagedon its game over. a very different feel to what is going on,  but yeah this peace treaty thing going on in israel on monday or so has something to do with it. ezekial 35 and 36 talkes about how the edomites will call the land there own, these fake jews. whom jesus told us about in the book of revelation, they will call them self jews but they are lieing.  these modern jews are not jews. they are edomites. real jews are black, just look up black jesus and you will be amazed! love you brother. when you see everyone going to israel go with them!

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