The temptations – they are real.  But…

The temptations – they are real. But…


The temptations – they are real.

The pain, struggle, and chaos – also real.

So if pain and anguish are real and can be hurtful to our relationship with everyone around us, including ourselves, what is the solution?

The answer may be simple – the application is where YOU must apply the solution.

Jesus! Yeshua!  The answer is our very savior, and the blood that he shed for you and I.  So, if Jesus is than answer – the antidote to the poison of life – then why are we not seeing full restoration, healing, and transformation in all areas of our life?

*We are instructed to walk after the spirit – not the flesh.  DAILY ACTIONS! *We are instructed to renew our minds – also DAILY ACTIONS!………

What Is The Church For Anyway?

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What Is The Church For Anyway?

It may come as a shock to you that I know many people who attend church every single day of the week. Surprised to hear such a claim? You may be even more surprised to know that these extraordinary church attendees are not pastors, missionaries, or evangelists. After all, it is oftentimes “expected” of individuals in these particular roles to be in church everyday. The people that I am referring to are so-called “average” Christians, with no title other than the One whose name they bear, who have decided to live out the gospel …

Want a secret to a healthy heart and so much more?


Want a secret to a healthy heart and so much more?

We have searched and searched for proven products to keep the heart performing and performing without medicines and surgeries. Then we discovered PABA make sure you check it out.

PABA, or para-aminobenzoic acid, is another nutritional supplement that you seldom hear of. However, PABA offers several benefits seldom found in other nutrients.

In addition to its classification as an antioxidant (antioxidants, of course, mop up free-radicals, or “loose electrons”, which cause cumulative cellular damage and are implicated in theories of aging), PABA may play a role in reducing fatigue, limiting the effects of depression (which can be brought on by a PABA …

Approach it with Love by Wayne Sutton

Approach it with Love by Wayne Sutton


Approach it with Love by Wayne Sutton
By Wayne Sutton

/i/prayer/tn_DSC01343.JPG"You can become angry with practically anyone, but those who you truly love are the only ones who can hurt you." I have preached this many times in my teachings and in counseling others in our media ministry. However, it seems that at times the truth hits a little harder when the situation hits home.


So how do we deal with pain, personal grief, and disappointment when the pain comes from someone you truly love? How do you display true love and at the same time correction, when your personal thoughts are being motivated by the piercing pangs of hurt? There is only one way. Worship and praise.


O' to praise God when life is…

Holy Spirit Led Prophecy: What it is and What it is Not by David Andrade

Holy Spirit Led Prophecy: What it is and What it is Not by David Andrade


Holy Spirit Led Prophecy: What it is and What it is Not by David Andrade
By David Andrade

For many years, I have had the unique experience, living with some of the most anointed senior prophets of our time. While in San Francisco in Dec 2010, I was told by one of the senior prophets that it was time to tell the stories. I do not hold to be a prophet, only a servant observer. Still, I assisted many through the years in their personal tragedies and God moments of victory. I shared their spiritual battles and warfare as well as their supernatural experiences and breakthrough.


Yes, prophets make mistakes. They are striving as we to honor God, set apart to live holy, separated to spend hours in His presence…

You Can Be A Faith Healer


by Millie Heinz

You can learn-almost immediately-to minister healing by faith. Yes, you can learn to minister healing by faith almost immediately.

I believe that any believer can be a faith healer if they will just do what God says…if they will just act upon His word.

Some of my earliest experiences ministering healing by faith came in a denominational church where I was pastor. I gave an invitation in one of our services for those needing healing to come forward. Between twenty and thirty people came forward for healing. Keep in mind please that these dear folk were weak in what the Bible said about healing. But they were ill and came forward anyway.

My message that night was upon being healed by laying on of hands and/…

Religious Spirits and Prophetic Truth!

Religious Spirits and Prophetic Truth!


Spiritual warfare is very important – for the body of Christ is being attacked from numerous different angles, from many different sources, and from many areas that we do not expect.

A “spirit of religion” is a phrase that is used often today in the church. Often used in your more “grace-centered” places of worship, the term is usually spoken to pinpoint or point-out an act of legalism or judgmental activity. Whenever someone begins to act out judgments or their activities around religion instead of relationship, then they are usually accused of being controlled by a spirit of religion.

The sad truth is that legalism is very real and it does real damage! The good intentioned holy-spirit filled …

Don’t Hold Back by Shanette Howell


Don’t Hold Back

 “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind, and with all you strength.” Mark 12:30

How do you love the Lord with all your heart?   You love Him with your innermost feelings.  When you’re happy, sad, or frustrated, love Him with every emotion.  When you’re happy you have more reason to thank God for His blessings of favorable circumstances.  When you’re sad, you seize the opportunity to rely on Him for strength.  When you’re frustrated or perplexed, you seek Him for peace and clarity.  Give Him all your affection by dwelling in His presence in regular prayer and …