Holy Holy Holy, God?

Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit. The Holy Church. Holy Bible.

The word Holy is widespread in the Christian walk. Unfortunately, it is often used in vain. But when we recognize and appreciate the love of Jesus for us, we will begin to understand and fully appreciate the word and it is my prayer for this article.

So what does this word mean? The dictionary says: exalted or worthy of complete devotion as perfect in goodness and righteousness. I think that says a lot about the word so often used. Exalted – above all that has been or will be forever in life. When you think you think God is a place in your heart and your life? Exalted above everything in your world? If not, reconsider its place in your life and your place in this world.


The Prophet Got It Wrong!

The Prophet Got It Wrong!

The Prophet Got It Wrong!

By Wayne Sutton

During a hard time of my life, and while I was still a young Christian, I received a prophetic word spoken over my life.  It was a promise for the prayers I have been pleading over the last few months, and to say the least I was amazed.

The ability of an almighty God speaking through a child of God, for me! I held onto every word spoken, and couldn’t wait for the next few weeks to see the miracle manifest in my personal life.

And so I waited.  I spoke the prophetic word aloud, I believed upon it, and I told others the miracle God was going to perform in my life.  It never manifested.  So, did God miss it?  Did the preacher miss it?…

Restore the Roar

Restore the Roar

Restore the Roar
By Paulette Reed

Call Unto Me


One morning in early June I was taking my "glory walk" and passed by a cell phone that was partially hidden in the grass. Strongly prompted to pick it up, I saw that the front was labeled "common cents mobile." The back had no covering and no power source.


Holy Spirit began to speak to me about how we must rise up out of hiddenness and call on HIS POWER. He reminded me that God must be our source in ALL things …not just some things. As I continued to walk in the cool of the day, the Spirit of the Lord showed me that since He is love, we must keep fervent in our love for one another, because it's the love of our Bridegroom that …
Interpreting Dreams and Visions

Interpreting Dreams and Visions

Interpreting Dreams and Visions
By Perry Stone

Many people who have experienced a spiritual dream may write off the event as some type of weird result of eating too much pizza before retiring for the night. Some believers even have the attitude, "Well, if God wants to show me something, He can just show me!"

This brings up a good point: Why can't the Lord just show you what is going to happen without using all the strange symbolism often accompanying a spiritual dream? I believe I have found an answer to that question.

First, most people dream throughout the night. In dreams we often are with friends or family and others we know-perhaps on a journey, in a church service or on vacation, and it's just a…

How To Experience Divine Healing

Divine Healing is a prophetic promise – all through the Bible we see that God healed his people. Then, Jesus commanded us to do the same. Yes, we have been told to heal the sick. So, how can you experience and deliver divine healing?

The first thing we must understand is that sickness is not from God. Sickness, disease, death, it is all from the enemy and this fact must be remembered. Too many people today believe that sickness is from God, and that he brings sickness to teach us or guide us. They believe that sickness glorifies God? So, lets examine the facts.

If sickness glorifies God, then why would we ever seek healing? If that were true then we should only seek further sickness, yes? Fire your doctor, throw out your …