I Can Only Imagine? And Then!


Have you ever found yourself daydreaming about the powerful moves of God healing the sick, opening the blind eyes and deaf ears, and raising the dead?  Most importantly did the daydream include you as the vessel that God was moving through?  Do you find yourself actively imagining that your hands are releasing the tangible healing anointing upon those who are sick and in need of healing? 

   Do you find yourself daydreaming and hoping for this to become a reality?  And secondly, have you ever felt "guilty" for wanting to move in this power and glory.  "I don't want the glory to be on me", you think.  "Well I may never lay hand and see the …

Priority 1 – The Kingdom of God

Priority 1 – The Kingdom of God

By Edison D Bynce

Text: Matthew 6:25 – 34 (Yep, get your Bible out to read) 🙂

In this text, the word "seek" speaks of seeking in order to find. The word "first" has the connotations of first in time, place, order, and importance. The kingdom is the rule or the reign of God. Matthew often uses the expression the kingdom of heaven, more so than the kingdom of God, perhaps because he was writing primarily to a Jewish audience. The Jews out of their reverence for God's name preferred to use the term the kingdom of heaven.

Seeking first the kingdom of God involves prioritizing our relationship with God. God's kingdom must be established in us before we can talk about it being established anywhere else. The …

Seeing Jesus in Visions – Not Just for Prophets


by Matthew Robert Payne

There are many Christians in the world that confess Jesus Christ as their Saviour, fewer who confess Him as Lord and Master, fewer still who confess to having two-way conversations with Him, and fewer still who could be considered a modern-day prophet who not only hears Jesus but sees Him regularly in visions. But you need not be a prophet to know Jesus in this way. Jesus promised His disciples that they would see Him again, and many people saw Jesus in visions in the book of Acts and the accounts of the early Fathers, so why not you and me?

Have you ever bent a paper clip and found that it doesn't bend back to its original shape? Have you ever pulled on a spring until it bent out of shape and did …

Pray In Tongues Until The Healing Comes!

The amazing part of praying in tongues, is that you have no idea what you are praying, but the results of your prayers are nothing short of miraculous!

Yesterday I was still fighting a seemingly losing battle.  Now it was not a life threatening disease by any means, but it was still painful.  I had been fighting a painful gum infection for several weeks… In fact as I was driving I was attempting to squeeze in a dentist appointment amongst my extremely busy day.  

The gum was swollen and painful to the point it was very hard to even close my mouth.  I had prayed for healing over the last few weeks – but it was becoming worse instead of better.

I began to pray in the spirit – I began to pray in tongues as I laid my …

2 Steps To A New You? Yep!

Building a business… Becoming a better employee… Improving Your Marriage…

Walking Closer in Your Christian Walk… Healing The Sick…

What do you desire or need in your life?  

What if you could really achieve your goals and dreams in your life – in 2 simple steps?  Interested?

Of course.  Let's look closely at how you achieve everything in life.  

Simple?  Yes.

Easy.  Maybe – maybe not.  You must learn discipline in the 2 easy steps.

Step #1) Prepare yourself to take ACTION – read that again.  ACTION – we have too may people that will "think about" or "plan out" their goals and dreams, yet never take action… Procrastination stops many people from achieving …

Code Blue: Calling Dr. Jesus

Code Blue: Calling Dr. Jesus


by Mahesh and Bonnie Chavda

Bonnie and Mahesh ChavdaHow many of you watch medical shows? When there is an emergency and a patient needs to be resuscitated, the staff calls a "Code Blue." It's a serious life-and-death situation, and everyone knows how to respond.

Right now, our nation and the nations are in a Code Blue situation. Terror alerts in Europe are at their highest levels. Economies are shaking and on the brink of collapse. Our national debt has skyrocketed. Unemployment has stayed high. Morally and culturally we are a backslidden nation. We need to go to God. We need His supernatural answers.

The Bible gives us certain ways to get God's assistance during a "Code Blue" emergency: 

Fasting and Prayer


Inviting the Lord Within


Inviting the Lord Within
Wade E Taylor


At this present time, the Lord is especially dealing with those who have been seeking “something more” without understanding what they are searching for.  Many of these are thinking “What is happening to me?”  This is because they are being drawn away from any dependence upon, or satisfaction with, that which is less than the Lord’s best.


Many have been content with only knowing the Lord as their Savior, and are satisfied knowing that someday they will be in heaven.  Some have gone further and know Him as the One who provides their needs and uses them in ministry. However, the Lord greatly …

Christ Living in Us


I have been crucified with Christ; it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me. (Galatians 2:20)

In these sublime words, we are given profound insight concerning the grace of God at work through our intimate relationship with Christ. This majestic statement begins with our spiritual death, that another might live in and through our lives. Finally, we are told how we are to respond, so this divine arrangement can proceed as intended.

First, our spiritual death is in view. "I have been crucified with Christ." If we are believers in the Lord Jesus, we died with Him upon that…

Without Holiness No One will SEE God


Barbie Breathitt


Whenever a holy God chooses to confront man’s suffering and guilt by appearing to men, He maintains the integrity of His justice, mercy, grace and overwhelming compassion. The beauty of our Beloved infinitely surpasses all knowledge. The wisest intellects of man can not tell us anything about the grace of God. God’s grace and truth comes to us through Jesus who moves us into the depths of His heart. The names of God are secret. His nature is unfathomable. God exists in Himself; His substance is unified and indivisible. He has revealed Himself to us by declaring the truth of His innumerable attributes. We humbly seek for God with a heart full of enraptured love. Love will open …