We Need Revelation!

We Need Revelation!


Yes!  We should pray for revival, and pray expecting to see results… but it may not come until after a good RIOT!

Why do I say a riot?  Because there must be an eye-opening veil-ripping revelation in the church!  The body of Christ is absolutely BLIND of who they are, and WHO is within us!

We are too busy asking God to come visit us and bless us… when the Bible tells us that he is WITHIN US and will never leave us, never forsake us…  AND Ephesians tells us thatwe have already been blessed with ALL spiritual blessings.  We are asking for what we already have!  


Be Comforted And YOU May Comfort Others…

Be Comforted And YOU May Comfort Others…


 The Lord spoke to me clearly about TheSecondAdam.com and our prophetic counseling –"Comfort my people…"  This is our heart as send out every e-mail, as we counsel, as we pray, AND as we are comforted by the Lord through our own trials and situations.

Have you faced trials and tribulations?   Are you facing something now?  The word of God reminds us in 2 Corinthians that the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ comforts us in all of our tribulations – that we may be able to comfort those who are any trouble.

2 Corinthians 1:3-7

3 Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, 4 who …

Never Forget The Bloody Cross

Never Forget The Bloody Cross


In a world abounding with countless icons and symbols, there is one symbol that holds not only emotional appeal to those who can embrace it, but is also holds a spiritual appeal that both soothes and excites the very soul of those who behold it.  The cross that held our Lord and savior Jesus Christ is more than just a symbol, it is more than just an icon, and it is more than just another relic purchased from your local thrift shop to hang on your wall. 

The cross of Jesus is representative of death, of life, and of eternal promises.  The scriptures tell us numerous stories of trees holding forbidden fruit, walls that were built, and walls that were brought down.  The scriptures remind us of …

This Rock Won’t Roll

This Rock Won’t Roll


 by Wayne Sutton

The Lord would have you know that you have no place in fear – you are not to draw upon fear, participate in fear, or think that you have to stop all the evil…The Lord would have you know that the Church will never roll…never fail…never see defeat.

When you see the arrogant, proud, and angry pouring forth against the word of God, the body of Christ, and humanity itself – simply remember that God is capable and willing to right all wrongs, cleanse all that is stained, and redeem all that is lost.

Isaiah 45 reminds us that HE ALONE is in control!

Should we stand for those with no voice? Should we protect the innocent from the evil one? Should we clothe ourselves in Christ and go forward to expand the …

What Have You Put  Out in The Atmosphere? by Cindy  Trimm

What Have You Put Out in The Atmosphere? by Cindy Trimm

Dr. N. Cindy Trimm
 Everything you see in the natural began as a spiritual seed-that is, as a thought.

Everything in the universe begins with and revolves around two things: words and thoughts. These two elements are divine gifts created by God and given to man. They form the creative substance that molds and shapes the destiny of humanity. Each of us becomes the person we are, chooses the direction we take, and accomplishes everything we do based on these two primary elements.


Just as in every seed, there is life-giving power that resides in every spoken word. This principle illustrates how the spiritual law of incubation and manifestation works. Everything you see in the natural began as a spiritual seed-that is, as a …

Love Beyond Measure by Amy Friend

Love Beyond Measure by Amy Friend




At the end of the day when all has been debated, categorized, and contemplated…Love wins.

Out of His love, we are to love. It's not possible to love one another with that which we bring forth out of ourselves.  No matter how spiritual we may think we are, our love at best is still conditional. Even though His love is being shed abroad in our hearts, we still have flesh and feelings to control and often find ourselves loving according to how people treat us.
It is often easier to "unconditionally" love the stranger, than the very people in your own family or inner circle when they fail to love us the way we think they should. If only …

Prophecy is More than Words

Prophecy is More than Words


Prophecy is more than just giving a word of knowledge or a word of wisdom, in fact prophecy is more than words alone.

Prophecy is truly every word and action that comes from a believer.  Every.

Why?  Because we are walking expressions of the Kingdom that is within our lives – and prophecy is conditional when we are the outlet for the King. 

A hug, a smile, a gentle word of encouragement can release more of God's love than many of the prophetic "thus saith the Lord" proclamations that are spoken forth today.  I am not discrediting the prophetic word as we prophesy over people nearly every day here at the ministry.   Yet at the same time it is the prophetic lifestyle …

Talking To Dead People – Not A Good or GOD Idea!

Talking To Dead People – Not A Good or GOD Idea!


Talking To Dead People – Not A Good or GOD Idea!

"When men tell you to consult mediums and spiritists, who whisper and mutter, should not a people inquire of their God? Why consult the dead on behalf of the living?"- Isaiah 8:19

The spirit realm is very real

The enemy is working hard to make the demonic realm of the supernatural seem "make believe" or "fun" – the truth is too many people are biting into the fruitof deception.

Mediums, Psychics, and others are tapping into the spiritual realm through demonic access points.  Can they access the dead spirits?  Many can – but this is strictly forbidden in the word of God. 

Not only is this forbidden by the …

Lord, I Don’t Understand! Now What?

Lord, I Don’t Understand! Now What?


The world is full of pain and turmoil, oh we may not see its full wrath in our life every day, but it exists and it does unleash terror. 

How do we cope? 

The first funeral I preached was that of my Father. 

Just a few feet in front of me was the man who loved me, who gave me life, and who I literally held in my arms as he took his last breath.

To Walk in Peace

Many times people have asked, "How could you preach your own Dad's funeral?"  It was hard.  But I learned in that moment to surrender something.

Understanding.  I had to surrender Understanding if I was going to walk in Peace.


As humans we have this desire or "need" to understand situations.&…

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