All Obstacles School us in Divine Confidence

All Obstacles School us in Divine Confidence


by Graham Cooke
Vision is never static or one dimensional. It grows and develops as we do in Christ. Vision creates motion and provides momentum, and is a part of our normal paradox of stillness and movement.
Vision will expose our own frailties, which is both a relief and a release. The Holy Spirit helps us with things that we are not good at; either by cultivating a weakness into a strength or by giving us companions with strengths in those areas. It's good to know one's weakness because our fellowship with the Spirit turns everything into an asset. He is a genius at knowing us fully, loving us deeply and providing for us wholly.
The Holy Spirit uses vision to point to God&#…
Don’t Worry – That Sin Was Not Held Against You!

Don’t Worry – That Sin Was Not Held Against You!


/i/prayer/tn_DSC01343.JPGThis will surely offend a few people.  That's OK.
Even Jesus said it's impossible not to offend.  So, why will this article offend?
Because it's based upon the word of God and goes so far against the religious system today – I am sure a few religious spirits and mindsets will be upset.
Before we continue I am asking you to go grab your Bible, yep your Bible, and turn to Romans 4:8 – and then read the verse – slowly… (I am not placing it here – you read it from your own Bible)
This verse is not preached a lot today… why?  Most preachers do not understand the passage – or they simply choose to ignore it.
We are …
Don’t Worry – That Sin Was Not Held Against You!

Can You Believe In A Judas?


/i/prayer/tn_DSC01343.JPGEncouragement Is Life-Changing.

We need to believe in one another.  Read that line again, for it holds so much truth.

In our counseling practice we encounter hundreds of different situations – yet most people are in need of someone in their life that will truly believe in them, or at least their potential "in Jesus".

This e-mail will raise an important question for you to answer? 

Who do you believe in? 

Believing in someone is easy when they talk the way you talk, walk the way you walk, etc.  It is also easy to believe in someone who is successful, moral, and has proven themselves.

But what about those who never seem to "get it right"?  What about the one who have…

Are You Really Good Enough?

Are You Really Good Enough?


Are you living on this treadmill of despair and hope deferred? 

Are you one of the millions of people who go throughout life wondering, Am I ready? Am I truly born again? Am I worthy? Will I see heaven one day, or will I bust hell wide open as God rejects me?

If you had to rely on your good works to somehow outweigh the evil or bad works, how would you know when enough is enough?

How would you know for sure you were forgiven of every sin you committed through your daily walk, if you alone were responsible?

We awaken and pray with every good intention: "Father, help me not to sin today, help me keep myself clean, and not to sin against You…" Then we get out into our day, and we sin.

Why? We are …

You Are Here To Save Others!

You Are Here To Save Others!

We are here to save others.  We all may have different callings, unique gifts, and of course different desires or plans for our lives – that is the power of our individuality!                                                                                                                     

You have the power to save others!  Wait, only Jesus saves, yes? 

Am I preaching heresy?  Not at all.  Always …