Filthy… Dirty…and Saved!

Filthy… Dirty…and Saved!

Sitting upright on his cold bed, looking at the razor blade he traded a meal for, his thoughts were frantically racing.  Facing over two decades in a cold concrete cell was challenging his thoughts, his courage, his hope.  Was warm blood dripping onto the cold floor a solution?

Was it the way out of a living hell?



Suddenly, there was a shift in the dreary atmosphere.  Almost like a gentle breeze blowing across the lonely room.  Hope.  Purpose.  Life!



A touch from Holy Spirit – a loving touch that without a single utterance, spoke to his wounded heart.

Too many years of feeling filthy, dirty, and rotten to the very core had left Giles in a place of abandonment.  He …

The Walking Dead…

The Walking Dead…

This week another person I know left this earth – 49 years young.

Yes, way too young.  He had lived through several years of sickness and his doctor's report was not much better.  He died alone in a park, and although the death is obviously sad, my concern is more on his eternal life.

"and just as it is appointed for man to die once, and after that comes judgment" – Hebrews 9:27

This life is temporal.  Whether it's only a few years, or you are able to join the 100+ year old club, it's appointed unto man to die – and then face judgment.  We are all walking dead until we are born again.

That last part is often left out of our conversations, sermons, and pleas to those who are yet still …

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