Desire or Diligence? Where are you?

Desire or Diligence? Where are you?

Great accomplishments and discoveries all begin with DESIRE.  The cure for diseases, the creation of inventions, and even romantic love all begin with desire.  Without desire the world would not only be very boring – but it would fall quickly into decay and death.


As you read this article I urge you to look within your own heart – search and discover what desires are within your own heart?  Yes, I dare you to once again DREAM.  What do you desire to have in your life and in the world?


Do you want to start your own business?  Do you desire to start a ministry?  Set up an orphanage?  Write a book?

Without a deep burning desire you will never accomplish more than a medicore life. …

Who Is Forming YOU?

Who Is Forming YOU?

You are not to be formed into another one’s mold.

youYou were created by God – and he formed you and knew you before you were ever born…

You were not created to fit another person’s mold – you were formed to prosper and advance into the Kingdom of God as YOU!  You are unique to the plans and life that your heavenly father has purposed you to live out – and that is not going to be the same as any other person.

In counseling we see many people that are trying to fit the mold of another person, and we see others attempting to force someone else into their own mold! Procrusteanism is the forceful and even manipulative exercise of attempting to mold or transform someone into an image of that person.&nbsp…

“I will teach you many lessons…”

This was the day that changed my entire life.  Holy Spirit spoke these words to several years ago while I was volunteering at a youth camp.  We were having a communion service when I was overcome with the presence of the Lord.


"I will teach you many lessons…"  The Holy Spirit's voice was peaceful yet bold at the same time – and that voice of truth gave me hope and the understanding that direction and transformation is a process.  


He leads us into all truth.  Leads.


This is important, because if we are all led, and HE teaches us – then we must always remember in humility that we are still learning and still growing in truth. We have way too many people that "already …

The atmosphere of expectation will create miracles and transform your life!

The atmosphere of expectation will create miracles and transform your life!

The atmosphere of expectation will create miracles and transform your life!


I invite you to slow down for a moment, and look closely – the atmosphere of expectation will create miracles in your life, and it will transform your life!


So what is an atmosphere of expectation?  How do you create an atmosphere?


I urge you to grab a hold of this teaching…


Expectation is “true faith”.  Expecting the impossible to become a reality, and the intangible to become tangible through your prayers, decrees, and from your position as a child of God – that is expectation!


Expectation is not fear. 

Expectation is not doubt. 


Expectation is …

The Realms of Heaven? On Earth and YOU!

The Realms of Heaven? On Earth and YOU!

The Realms of Heaven… On Earth and YOU!


The daily walk of powerless religion has crept into our churches and seminaries until we have become comfortable in the despair…


Are You Comfortable Yet?


The scripture plainly tells us to seek all spiritual gifts.  A plain command


Yet, we have churches that are comfortable reading about the gifts, making them a good history lesson, and even taking time to explain why they are no longer for the church age today… are you comfortable yet?


We are also commanded to heal the sick.  A plain command yet again.


Yet, we have too many people that have become comfortable making a should be reality into another Sunday …