The Power of Personal Prophecy

The Power of Personal Prophecy

In the past God spoke to our forefathers through the prophets at many times and in various ways, but in these last days he has spoken to us by his Son, whom he appointed heir of all things, and through whom he made the universe.Hebrews 1:1-2

Personal prophecy does exist in the Bible. We look at one famous Bible character that has experienced personal prophecy in his life. We have a personal God and sometimes He communicates with us prophetic blessings, which is specifically for the prophet. 

According to Hamon (2004), we understand personal prophecy as a rhema, which is God's Word applied in an individual manner, which is subordinate to the Logos. God's specific Word can reveal itself in different ways.

There are …

Prophecy is More than Words?

Prophecy is more than just giving a word of knowledge or a word of wisdom, in fact prophecy is more than words alone.

Prophecy is truly every word and action that comes from a believer.  Every.

Why?  Because we are walking expressions of the Kingdom that is within our lives – and prophecy is conditional when we are the outlet for the King.

A hug, a smile, a gentle word of encouragement can release more of God’s love than many of the prophetic “thus saith the Lord” proclamations that are spoken forth today.  I am not discrediting the prophetic word as we prophesy over people nearly every day here at the ministry.   Yet at the same time it is the prophetic lifestyle that …

Prophetic Warning – Dream of The USA Under Attack

Prophetic Warning – Dream of The USA Under Attack

I saw the planes falling.

The Lord showed me a very alarming dream a few nights ago, it was a now word, this is the time for us to pray over the airlines.

 I saw 2 planes going up and then as if the pilots shut off the engines, they fell vertically until the fell into a ball of flames over the city.

Both airplanes were US based. 

One was government (I will not release the type) and the other was a commercial airline (US Based) – and these were deliberate suicide attacks from the pilots. 

This prophetic dream was very vivid and I believe it is a warning, a call, for the body of Christ to pray over the airlines, over the government officials, and to decree the Kingdom of God.

 I felt great fear – I knew …

Rest, Realignment, Floating In The Refreshing River To Your Next Assignment

Rest, Realignment, Floating In The Refreshing River To Your Next Assignment

Rest, Realignment, Floating In The Refreshing River To Your Next Assignment

Some of you had gotten to a place that you thought that you would never attain in your life and in fact, for a time you thought God was finished with you! It was another level in God for you but now since you have gotten to this place, you are going through another dry season again; another hall of transition. You are now feeling unfulfilled again and yes, even useless, but the Lord wants you to know that it is time to go deeper into Him for He is the fountain that will never run dry! He is the source of your satisfaction.


~Come Deeper Again~


He is saying that you have also not seen the miracles that God has promised to bring through …

The Kingdom Of The Peace Maker

The Kingdom Of The Peace Maker

Our model peacemaker was blamed for being a pig and lush.

He invested quite a bit of his time consuming and drinking with Pharisees and assessment authorities – individuals from inverse sides of the track. Also amid these dinners he instructs about assorted types of loners who acknowledge the welcome to a dinner that is to come. There is no division of medium and message; Jesus exemplifies the welcome to the kingdom of God.

He came devouring in the kingdom. Jesus did not go around only looking at consuming and drinking; he went around consuming and drinking. Our last objective is not a cloud with an implicit harp stand, however a global gala. The kingdom of God is individuals of each country and society – including the individuals who …

Pursue, Overtake, Recover All

Pursue, Overtake, Recover All

by Sherry Evans

As I was spending time with the Lord this morning, I heard Him speaking that many have had great losses and have been crying and mourning. There is a time for that, BUT, now is the time to encourage yourself in the Lord, and to pursue what He has for you!

David was at the bottom. His city Ziklag had been burned, and his wives, along with all the rest of the women and children, had been taken. His men spoke of stoning him. Yes, he was very distressed, but he purposely turned his thoughts to the Lord. He remembered the victories of the past that the Lord had given him and asked Him what to do. The Lord was faithful to tell him to PURSUE, OVERTAKE, and RECOVER ALL.  (I Samuel 30)

It may be that you have lost a loved one…

Julie Price: ~A Word From His Heart For You: His Glory Is Calling You~

Julie Price: ~A Word From His Heart For You: His Glory Is Calling You~

We hang on every word You speak.
We come before You hungry, humble, and meek.

The Ancient of Days, has opened ancient doors.
Grab hold of the keys and receive from God’s heavenly store.

A new day, a new season.
We sense it some, but are yet to know all the reasons.

He comes with Spirit.  He comes with fire.
He’s coming to fulfill within you His desires.

He comes to establish, and He comes to tear down.
He calls you to destiny; to wear your royal crown.

Creation has watched and eagerly awaited.
For this time and season has been long anticipated.

You need to align, to cooperate, and prepare.
It’s yours for the taking, but not if you just sit there.

Seek and you will find. This relationship takes two.