Julie Price: ~The Release of Kingdom Keys~

Julie Price: ~The Release of Kingdom Keys~

~ I had a vision last night of keys to the Kingdom being poured out. ~




I had a vision last night of keys to the Kingdom being poured out.  This happened during a conversation with my spiritual father about the Lord.  But this morning He showed me to release part of it as it pertains to His whole body.  As I wrote in an article recently regarding the paradigm shift the church has entered into, the Lord showed me a small piece of how incredibly awesome this new season is about to be.  As this conversation continued last night, I saw the Lord.  He was smiling so big.  He was gleaming with magnificent joy.  He was holding a large bucket and He began to shake it and steadily pour out a bucket…

Personal Mentorship 2015 with Wayne Sutton

Personal Mentorship 2015 with Wayne Sutton

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A Prophetic Vision of Death Within Life – and Life in Death.

A Prophetic Vision of Death Within Life – and Life in Death.

This morning the Lord began to reveal a vision of life… I see a vision of death, and life, and death yet again…

This vision was a call for the believers to rise up and release the life within while they have their time upon the earth.

The Lord is showing me people that are dying, being laid to rest, with eulogies spoken on their behalf… yet they are dying with untapped potential and life that was never released.

They are dead with the potential life, the potential dreams, the potential Kingdom realities dormant in the corpse.

In this vision I saw a whirlwind of books, CD's, screenplays, inventions, and so much more circling around with true divine anointing – yet never released into the atmosphere, into the world, …

The Season Of The Paradigm Shift!

by Julie Price

~The season of the paradigm shift is here.  The church as a whole is about to go in a whole new direction.~ 

Church, this isn’t a bad thing.  It’s a good thing if you will embrace it.  A new season means a lot of new everything.  That might mean a lot of change, and it can seem scary or uncertain, but if you ask me staying stuck in our ways is even worse.  Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity is: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  This is not a season of “re-inventing the wheel” church and expecting different results.  It is rather a bold move in a whole new direction.  It’s taking God’s …