How Can You Encourage Others?

How Can You Encourage Others?

“Believing in people before they have proved themselves is the key to motivating people to reach their potential.”


1. Most people don’t have any faith in themselves. Most believe that they will fail. Even when they see a light at the end of the tunnel… they are convinced it is a train. With a little faith in themselves they can do miraculous things – without faith, they seldom rise above their worst fears.

2. Most people don’t have anyone who has faith in them. The strong sense of community has been replaced with isolation, and the bonds of family have been with replaced with weaker social ties that leave people with little or no support or faith.

3. Most people can tell when someone has faith…

What Good Is A Harvest Asked God?

What Good Is A Harvest Asked God?

As I was ministering prophetically a few weeks ago, the Lord brought a vivid image to my mind.  seeds

I saw a bountiful garden – a beautiful garden full of produce and life!  As I watched the colors of the plant life I could truly see this was a supernatural garden without any weeds or any harm.

Then suddenly the Lord spoke to me… “What good is a harvest if left for the beasts of the earth to consume or the sun to scorch?” 


This is what we all too often do to the very harvest that God has prepared for us – we are so busy “looking” and praying for a harvest that we miss the harvest he has already provided.  Thus, we walk away and the harvest is left for the beasts of the…

Prayer For Your Healing!

Prayer For Your Healing!

Today I am praying for your healing – your physical healing! 


Will you receive this simple prayer and receive your healing today?

Remember that Jesus went to the whipping post before the cross… Your sickness and disease was laid upon Jesus, and he bore it so you do not have to remain sick.  

Receive your healing by the blood of Jesus today!

"In the name of Jesus I speak healing over you and I command your body to come into alignment with the word of God! I plead the blood of jesus and under the authority of the name of Jesus, we say be healed and receive your miracle now!"  

Will you also allow our prayer team to pray over you today?  

Click Here and fill out the form and we will minister over…

Is God Upset With You?

“… But You are God, ready to pardon, gracious and merciful, slow to anger, abundant in kindness …” (Nehemiah 9:17)


I invite you to read the above verse very slowly…


Ready to pardon.

Gracious and merciful.

Slow to anger.

Abundant in kindness.




 I ask you to consider how you perceive your God?  As I look at the above verse it remind sme of just how loving our creator is, and how he moves with compassion towards his people.  


Are you participating in sinful or rebellious activities?  He is ready to pardon.


Have you been rebellious for quite a long time?  He is slow to anger.


Do you need healing in your emotions or in …

What Is HOLY ? Is It Just A Word?

What Is HOLY ? Is It Just A Word?

Holy Ghost. Holy Spirit. Holy Church. Holy Bible.

The word Holy is used a lot in the Christian walk. Sadly, it is often used in a derogatory manner as well. Yet when we recognize and appreciate the love of Jesus for us we will begin to understand and fully appreciate the word “Holy”, and this is my prayer for this article.

So what does the word mean? The dictionary will tell us: exalted or worthy of complete devotion as one perfect in goodness and righteousness. I think that says a lot about the word we so commonly use. Exalted – set high above everything that ever has or ever will be in existence. When you think of God do you consider this to be His place in your heart and life? Exalted above all else in your world? If …

Critics Choice – Would You Give It 5 Stars?

Critics Choice – Would You Give It 5 Stars?

I was reading one review after another in order to pick an audio book for my vacation, when I noticed something mystifying. After reading several very positive reviews, I would always come across others that made the same book sound like the worst thing that had ever been written. To give you an idea of what I'm talking about, here’s an example of the reviews I found on the same book:

"Wow! I couldn't stop reading … 5 stars for sure!"

"Amazing writing. I highly recommend to anyone who loves suspense and mystery."

"The story is fresh, suspenseful, interesting, and very realistic."

"I was disappointed when I got to the end, I wanted the story to go on. To me, that is the true test of…

A Born Villain… Beware of Rebellion

A Born Villain… Beware of Rebellion

Marilyn Manson, the maligned musician with a Gothic look and Satanic attitude, whose tortured soul chose a stage name by combining the first name of the star crossed suicide victim Marilyn Monroe and the last name of mass murderer Charles Manson, gave an interview for CNN to talk about his album 'Born Villain.'

Manson seemed awkwardly, anxiously obsessed to explain himself to the interviewer, speaking for over 20 minutes about the origin of the album. He sounded angry, defensive, belligerent about his reasons for the album and what 'Born Villain' means. He is still, after all these years, so angry with God that it drips from his lips every times he speaks or sings.

He said, "Growing up going to Christian school and …