Struck By An Angel

Struck By An Angel

* This article was taken from Kevin Basconi’s new book; “Visitations of Angels and Other Supernatural Experiences- Volume #2

There have been many times in my life and in the ministry that the God of the heavens and the earth has sent one of his angels to minister to me by helping to meet an immediate need in my life. Scripture is clear that God cares for the littlest things in our lives. The Apostle Peter encouraged us in 1Peter 5:7 to; Cast all your cares upon Him (God), for He cares for you. Remember that Peter had experienced God helping him out of a hard spot on more than one occasion. The Apostle Peter began to receive a greater understanding of this dynamic when the Lord sent a mighty angel of protection and provision to free the apostle from jail.

We see how an angel of the Lord ministered to Peter in Acts 12:7-10;  Now behold, an angel of the Lord stood by him, and a light shone in the prison; and he struck Peter on the side and raised him up, saying, “Arise quickly!” And his chains fell off his hands. Then the angel said to him, “Gird yourself and tie on your sandals”; and so he did. And he said to him, “Put on your garment and follow me.” So he went out and followed him, and did not know that what was done by the angel was real, but thought he was seeing a vision.  When they were past the first and the second guard posts, they came to the iron gate that leads to the city, which opened to them of its own accord; and they went out and went down one street, and immediately the angel departed from him.

In this passage we see some classic characteristics of angelic ministry. First when the angel appeared there was a tangible light that manifested. I would also say that the very presence or glory of God was released by this heavenly visitor too!  Second the angel of the Lord clearly gives Peter an important and timely message. That is exactly what God’s angels were created to do; they give messages to a person. In fact, the word angel comes from the Greek word aggelos, which can mean messenger. So that is one of God’s angel’s primary duties. They relay messages and revelation from God to His friends (man).

It should also be noted that Peter was obedient to the directions the messenger of God spoke to him. Third we see that the angel not only spoke to Peter, but the scripture says that the angel “struck” Peter in the side. There have been a few times when one of God’s angels has touched me in a rather strong or heavy handed manner. Usually, this indicates that what the angel is about to say or the message that the Heavenly messenger is about to give to someone is very important, and you will need to act quickly just as Peter did. God’s angels also strengthen and empower God’s children at times. God’s angels also watch over and guard God’s children’s possessions, in this fashion today as well (Mark 1:13, Matthew 4:11).

When the angel struck Peter his chains fell off immediately. Allow me to take just a moment to write about this event from a prophetic perspective. Chains scripturally represent bondage and demonic oppression. We have stepped into a God ordained season when many people will have one of God’s angelic messengers touch or strike them to release both impartation and or healing in reference to both physical healing (for the body) and emotional healing (deliverance for the soul). At times angelic messengers will strike objects or a person’s possessions or physical objects to “heal” them as well.

The Panoramic Seer

Once I was watching Dr. James Maloney minister at our Heaven Touching Earth Gathering in May, 2014. The Lord opened my spiritual eyes to see a large 12 foot angel that was ministering with Dr. Maloney. This angel was leaning over James right shoulder as he was praying for metal to dissolve from a woman’s body. Here is a little more information to help you grasp the size of this angel. Dr. Maloney is 6’5” tall and this angel of the Lord was more than two or three feet taller than James! When the seer anointing activated at that moment I saw this large angel very clearly. This heavenly angel has bronze skin and what appeared to be a “Dutch boy” haircut. This was an open eyed vision of this powerful angel. In other words I saw this angel clearly with my natural eyes standing in the room.

Well, since I was the host of the event, and because I understand that at times the anointing of the precious Holy Spirit can be better caught than taught, I stood up and walked up to stand on the left side of Dr. Maloney as he was working this creative miracle. My heart’s desire was also to receive an impartation and for the anointing Dr. Maloney operates under to “rub off” on me. You see, I desire to see metal dissolve from people’s bodies when I pray for them too! My desire was to discern what role this amazing angel of miracles and healings had in the process of dissolving metal.

At any rate, when I stepped into the “glory zone” that was manifesting around James the power of God began to roll though me in a tangible and palpable way. I could feel and sense the power and glory of God around Dr. Maloney. I discerned the glory of God for miracles and healings that was manifesting in the meeting. This particular angel of the Lord carries that type of anointing or power if you will. In fact, this angelic being has been released to minister on the terrestrial realm or the earth in other dispensations, (but that is another testimony not relevant to this chapter).

So here I am standing to Dr. Maloney’s left and the angel of the Lord is standing over him on his right side. This angel was reaching over Dr. Maloney’s right shoulder and placing his hand on James right hand as he prayed for the metal to dissolve from this precious woman’s body. In fact, the angel placed his hand on Dr. Maloney’s hand when he prayed for most of the people he ministered to that night (not all of them though).

Angels and The Glory Zone

I watched and discerned for all of about thirty seconds when the angel suddenly swooped from right to left, moving over Dr. Maloney’s head and shoulders to look at me eye to eye! Instantly his bronze skin and piercing eyes were just inches from my eyes. The angel glared at me and I knew that he was about to do something! However, before I could think or move this angel took his left hand and sort of moved his arm and hand though Dr. Maloney’s torso and struck me in the solar plexus in one smooth and quick motion! This angel knocked me for a supernatural loop! Instantly the power of God literally slammed me back from the altar about ten feet into the front row of chairs.

As I was flying backwards in midair it seemed as if time stood still. My eyes were locked with the eyes of the angel. As time stood still and I was flying backward through the air the angel continued to glare at me intensely. This amazing twelve foot tall angel stared me as I flew through the air and landed with a thud on the front row. The angel’s countenance was fierce and it seemed that perhaps I had gotten too close to Dr. Maloney? I was under the impression that I had invaded Dr. Maloney personal space and the “glory zone” where the miracle anointing was being released.

Perhaps I was hindering the miracle? Perhaps I was being rebuked by the angel? I was not sure, but I was not about to approach the “glory zone” again while this angel, which seemed to be assigned to Dr. Maloney’s ministry, was standing there. I purposed in my heart to watch and discern from a safe distance! Amazingly, this open eyed vision continued most of the evening and I watched as Dr. Maloney ministered to perhaps two dozen people with incredibly accurate words of knowledge and in the gifts of miracles and healings.

Many people testified that Dr. Maloney’s words of knowledge were extremely detailed and accurate and many also testified that they received their healing or miracle as Dr. Maloney ministered to them. The large angel was standing to his right during the entire time of ministry after it manifested or entered the meeting. This particular angel along with the Holy Spirit was playing an important role in the healings and miracles that were being released at Heaven touching Earth #6. Allow me to share with you what I learned from this angelic encounter in the next chapter.

* This article was taken from Kevin Basconi’s new book; “Visitations of Angels and Other Supernatural Experiences- Volume #2

 This article was written by Kevin Basconi, for

King of Glory Ministries International

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Art Designer of ‘The Shack’ Book Cover Says He Regrets His Involvement

Art Designer of ‘The Shack’ Book Cover Says He Regrets His Involvement


The designer who created the artwork for the cover of the book, The Shack, says that he regrets creating the design.

In a recent Facebook post, Dave Aldrich said that he has “deep regrets” of not just being involved with the publication, but also promoting it.

He said the release of the movie brought it all back to his mind, which made him feel the need to apologize to those who were led astray by the book, and his promotion of it.

“I look back and see how little discernment I had. And I regret and apologize also for waiting this long to publicly share this,” he wrote.

He says the problem is that the book advocated for universal reconciliation or universal salvation, a doctrine that claims that since Jesus died for all, then all are saved, whether they believe it and receive Him personally or not.

Aldrich says this is a grave distortion of John 3:16.

He goes on to say that John 3:18 makes clear Jesus’ purpose clear:

“He who believes in Him is not condemned; but he who does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God,” he quoted.

“One is indeed saved by God’s grace, but we have this thing called “free will” to receive or reject His grace, His free gift of salvation through Jesus Christ,” he said.

Aldrich mentions that many still say the book was intended as ‘just a work of fiction,’ but also says that the author himself, William Paul Young, is quoted as saying, “The Shack’s is theology. But it is a theology wrapped in a story.”

The Shack’s story wonderfully painted this picture to me of an incredibly knowable and loving God, one full of forgiveness, but without being judgmental. The fact is that there are two inseparable sides to God. He is both love and judge,” Aldrich wrote.

He ends his statement by saying that “free will has given us the ability to willfully accept God’s gracious gift of His Son, Jesus, who died on a cross to save us from our sins, or willfully reject His gracious gift. Jesus did die for the sins of the whole world, but tragically most of the world has and will refuse Him.”

Read the post in its entirety here:

Aldrich shared the following that make similar reviews to his:


Lions Reportedly Save Pastor and His Friends from Attack by Islamic Extremists

Lions Reportedly Save Pastor and His Friends from Attack by Islamic Extremists

A pastor who is ministering in the Middle East was reportedly saved by lions who prevented a group of Islamic extremists from attacking him and a group of Christians.

Pastor Paul Ciniraj’s story seems like a story straight out of the Bible. Pastor Paul detailed the modern-day miracle on his ministry’s website.

“My risen Lord Jesus Christ has saved my life once again,” Pastor Paul wrote, “and I praise and thank God for His unspeakable grace!”

Before the attack when the lion saved him, Pastor Paul had been attacked by another group of Islamic extremists. He had escaped and was recovering at the home of a former Muslim who was a Christian convert. The man’s home was near a forest area.

Pastor Paul led worship services there. On Easter Sunday, while a group of believers was gathered and he was leading one such service, militants came upon them, brandishing weapons.

“We had no idea what to do,” Pastor Paul recalled. The group of Christians thought they were all about to die.

Just then, a lion appeared out of the forest and began to attack one of the militants. The other two militants tried to fight the lion off, but then two more lions appeared. The militants ran away in fear and the lions left Pastor Paul and his group alone.

“Equally astonishing,” Pastor Paul added, “records show no lions are supposed to live in that forest.”

Why It’s Okay to Have Doubts in the Christian Life

Why It’s Okay to Have Doubts in the Christian Life

 Veronica Neffinger | Editor, | Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Doubt is often viewed as a negative thing in the Christian life. As Christians, we stress having faith in God and trusting Him, and doubting seems to be the antithesis of this faith and trust.

Not all doubt, however, is bad or even harmful to our faith. On the contrary, how we handle seasons of doubt can actually draw us toward deeper faith in God.

This is what author Paul Copan discusses in his article “Learn How (Not) To Doubt” for The Gospel Coalition.

Copan reminds us of two types of doubt the Bible talks about. One is in James 1:8 and involves being “double-minded” and “unstable.”

“James condemns a mindset of divided loyalty between God and the world—a spiritual adultery,” writes Copan. Of course we want to steer clear of this kind of doubt.

There are other places in the Bible, however, which speak to how Christians are to deal with seasons of doubt which will inevitably come.

In Jude 22, God’s people are instructed to “Be merciful to those who doubt” or to “show mercy to those whose faith is wavering.”

God created our minds and hearts and knows that we will experience times of doubt.

Experiencing these times of searching and questioning can be opportunities for us to push deeper into our understanding of the Lord.

“God doesn’t rebuke saints for honest inner struggles, questions, and emotions. Indeed, even amid our doubts and darkness we can show forth God’s presence through faithful living,” writes Copan.

Copan goes on to offer three reminders for when we are in a season of doubt.

First, we often think that, in order to believe something, we have to be 100 percent certain about it.

Copan notes that even most philosophers do not operate on the idea of absolute certainty. “This absolute-certainty demand—which no one truly follows—is itself questionable: How do we know with 100 percent certainty that knowledge requires 100 percent certainty? It’s a phony criterion that can’t sustain itself.”

There are many strong points that can be supported with sound reasoning and evidence for the belief in Christ, in the Bible, in a loving God, etc., but we shouldn’t place the burden on ourselves of being 100 percent confident in these truths twenty-four-seven. It is human to doubt.

Secondly, we often equate proof of God’s existence, of His authoring the Bible, of His being involved in our lives, etc. with science alone.

Although such debates as Creation vs. Evolution are certainly important, it is actually, as Copan notes, a “faulty philosophy” to affirm that science is the ultimate source of knowledge.

“The Christian faith is science-friendly, and we can find supports in science….But insisting that only science can give us knowledge is both arbitrary and self-contradictory,” writes Copan. In this view, instead of using science as a tool, we can tend to make science an idol–what Copan terms “Scientism.”

Thirdly, and perhaps most relevant of all for the Christian who is experiencing a time of doubt, why do we allow ourselves to have double standards?

“Why do we give more weight to our doubts than to our beliefs and even convictions? Why don’t we doubt our doubts? Why assume doubting is somehow ‘smarter’ than belief?” asks Copan.

Though they may start small, doubts often turn into a nagging presence that threatens to turn our entire belief system on its head. The problem is, we often give them more power than they deserve. We are people with finite understanding living in fallen world–there will be things that don’t make sense and that we must grapple with, but this shouldn’t undermine what Christ has shown us to be true.

In times of doubt, may you be encouraged to reflect on the ways God has shown Himself to be true and may you not be afraid to face your questions and so deepen your relationship with Him.

Why Did Aaron Hernandez Write ‘John 3:16’ on His Forehead before Killing Himself?

Why Did Aaron Hernandez Write ‘John 3:16’ on His Forehead before Killing Himself?

Emily McFarlan Miller and Laruen Markoe | Religion News Service | Friday, April 21, 2017

It wasn’t a suicide note that former NFL star Aaron Hernandez left in his prison cell when he reportedly hanged himself.

Instead, the Massachusetts corrections officers who discovered his body Wednesday morning (April 19) saw “John 3:16” written across Hernandez’s forehead in red ink. A Bible in the cell lay open to the same verse.

Hernandez seemed to want to send a message.

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life,” the New Testament verse reads.

Hernandez was a convicted murderer, serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole, and one who had led what many would deem an irreligious life — brawling and using illegal drugs. In 2013 a jury convicted him of killing semipro football player Odin Lloyd.

But at times in his life, Hernandez also seemed to try to ground himself in religion — perhaps to ease a guilty conscience or to help keep his career on track, some have suggested: He signed a $40 million contract with the New England Patriots in 2012.

Or perhaps Hernandez was a genuine believer. Perhaps all three.

John 3:16 is one of the most widely quoted verses in the New Testament and is frequently invoked before death. The verse is carved into many a Christian’s gravestone, perhaps because it seems to sum up the Christian faith as well as any sentence in the Bible: Believe in Jesus, and you will enjoy everlasting life.

Martin Luther, the 16th-century German monk and theologian who sparked the Protestant Reformation, reportedly called John 3:16 “the gospel in miniature.”

More recently, the verse has been linked with football.

  • It was written in former star quarterback Tim Tebow’s eye black, the grease or strip applied under the eyes to reduce glare, at a 2009 Bowl Championship Series game, leading the NCAA to ban the practice.
  • It appeared on a player’s eye black in a rejected 2011 Super Bowl ad by a Christian organization called the Fixed Point Foundation.
  • It was emblazoned on the T-shirts worn and signs waved by Rollen Stewart, the “Rainbow Man,” who captured attention at sports event in the 1970s and 1980s and was later imprisoned for threatening behavior.

The makeshift John 3:16 tattoo Hernandez apparently drew on his forehead was far from the only reflection of faith on his body. The Connecticut-raised football star, son of an Italian mother and Puerto Rican father, was covered in ink.

A tattoo on his right arm, of a gun next to the phrase “God Forgives,” may be a testament to his belief in God’s mercy. But prosecutors called it a confession in a 2012 double murder case, in which Hernandez was charged with fatally shooting two men in Boston in 2012.

Hernandez was acquitted of those slayings five days before he was found dead.

In a 2009 USA Today story about his tattoos, Hernandez pointed out representations of God’s hands at his shoulder, and angels near his wrists.

“There’s Jesus’ hands on the cross, and that’s about the pain we all go through,” he explained to writer Kelly Whiteside, pointing to his left arm.

Other tattoos on his torso honor his father, Dennis Hernandez, with his favorite sayings and symbols of joy. The football star called his relationship with his father, who died of a medical complication when Aaron was 16, particularly close.

Friends and family said Hernandez had craved a father figure ever since.

He found one in Urban Meyer, former head football coach at the University of Florida, where Hernandez played starting in 2007. Many news accounts report that Hernandez and Meyer regularly studied the Bible together and that Meyer assigned Tebow — then a Florida Gator who would soon become the most outwardly devout Christian to play in the NFL — to keep an eye on Hernandez.

Hernandez’s death may result in the vacating of his murder conviction, which he had been appealing, according to The Boston Globe. 

The former player’s lawyer has questioned whether Hernandez actually killed himself.

Courtesy: Religion News Service