August 31 Daily Prophetic Word of God

August 31 Daily Prophetic Word of God

August 31 Daily Prophetic Word of God

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South Carolina Governor Completely Ends Funding Of Abortion Clinics

South Carolina Governor Completely Ends Funding Of Abortion Clinics

In an unprecedented move, South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster has directed state agencies to cease all funding for abortion clinics in his state, including Planned Parenthood. The decision has been met with delight by pro-life campaigners.

“There are a variety of agencies, clinics, and medical entities in South Carolina that receive taxpayer funding to offer important women’s health and family planning services without performing abortions,” Gov. McMaster said, according to CNA. “Taxpayer dollars must not directly or indirectly subsidize abortion providers like Planned Parenthood.”


Pointing to South Carolina’s “strong culture and longstanding tradition of protecting and defending the life and liberty of the unborn,” the executive order instructs state agencies to immediately stop all forms of funding to any practice affiliated with an abortion clinic.

“We thank Governor

Abortion Clinic Closed After Pro-Life Group Purchases Their Building

Abortion Clinic Closed After Pro-Life Group Purchases Their Building

A notorious Maryland late-term abortion clinic has been closed after a pro-life group that had worked for years to shut it down purchased the building the clinic operated in and evicted them.

The clinic was one of the three abortion clinics in the US performing late-term abortions, the other two being in Boulder, CO, and Albuquerque, NM.


The clinic, Germantown Reproductive Health Services, is operated by Dr. Leroy Carhart, who vowed to reopen his practice elsewhere.

“I am doing everything in my power to keep my practice open, and I am considering options looking toward the future,” he said, according to the Washington Post. 

A representative from the  local chapter of NARAL echoed his sentiment, saying “I have spoken to Dr. Carhart and he is in the process of trying to get his facility operating.” He told Chandler and Hendrix, “It will be the same clinic staff and they are hoping not to have any interruption in providing this service.”


Carhart has long been on the radar of pro-life groups as a central figure in the fight to criminalize abortion.

“Carhart, now 75, began commuting long-distance to Maryland to work at the Germantown clinic after Nebraska made it illegal to perform most abortions beyond 20 weeks,” the Post wrote.

He was also the plaintiff in two high-profile Supreme Court cases that related to abortion, Stenberg v. Carhart in 2000, a challenge to Nebraska’s ban on Partial-Birth abortion in which the court ruled in his favor. In 2007, in Gonzales v. Carhart, the Court upheld the federal Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act.

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How To Instantly Change Your Focus For Success & Life!

How To Instantly Change Your Focus For Success & Life!

by Wayne Sutton

Your focus will determine your future, and since you always control your focus, likewise you control your future.

The following story may be hard to read, yet it will reveal truth that can set you free in life, so read and share!

As a therapist and life coach I encounter many different situations, from those who are striving towards the stars with a great dream and goal, to those who are facing severe depression and suicidal thoughts. This meeting was of the darker sort…

“I am tired of it all, I am tired of the thoughts that keep running in my mind, and I am tired of living.”

This was a true cry for help, immediate help, and it was cry that demanded a powerful response, and an immediate response.

“I have a knife here, with a razor sharp blade, and in a moment I could cut my wrist and let this pain finally stop!”

Your focus will determine your future… Always.

I spoke to the broken-hearted man and listened to his story of lost love, failed relationships, and life that seemed to slip into despair despite his attempts for success. He told me of his financial woes, his failed marriage, and a recent break-up that he stated had pushed him beyond his limit.

“This knife is sharp enough, and it will be my cold escape.” His language was riveting and his tonality spoke with certainty.

My focus as a therapist was to save his life, while his focus was on taking his own… Death or life hung in the balance and the only area I could use was the area that we both held in our minds – one of focus.

I had to stop his current pattern and change or redirect his thoughts for the moment. Yet, his thoughts were on taking his own life, and he held the upper hand with the knife in hand.

We as humans have a very unique gift from our creator, and that is the ability to change our thoughts, even if for a moment, and thoughts dictate our emotions. That last statement is very important for your life – your thoughts dictate your emotions. And since emotions are a huge driving force of our actions and reactions, we must be conscious of our dominant thoughts through life’s ups and downs.

“Tell me about the knife.” My statement may have seemed odd, yet I was looking for anything to shift his thought pattern for a moment.

“”The knife?”, he replied, “Well it’s small but very sharp.”

“What else?”, I asked.

“It was a gift.” and with a small hint of a chuckle, “from a friend.”

His thoughts, even for a moment, where shifted to another view of reality.

“Tell me about your friend.”

He hesitated, yet in a moment began to tell me how a friend bought him this knife, and about the friendship.

His focus was changed from suicide, to his friendship, and all it took was a simple thought. That one thought gave us the traction to steer the conversation to that of hope and healing.

Identify your problems, yet place your focus and attention on the strategies toward solutions and healing.

A primary key to success in life is to focus on the strategies towards success, and remove your focus from the areas of despair or pain. This does not have to take months, weeks, or even hours to work – it works as quickly as you can change your thought upon a new area.

Yes, in a fraction of a second you can change your focus, alleviate negative emotions, and even steer your consciousness towards a positive state of reality.

Every thought matters… Focus and refocus when needed… and Succeed in life!

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Joyce Meyers on How to Totally Restore Your Life

Joyce Meyers on How to Totally Restore Your Life

Writing for Charisma News this week, Joyce Meyers had some powerful words about how to completely restore your life in Christ.

As a survivor of abuse, she has experienced first-hand the kind of restoration that can be found in Christ, but, as she shares, there are certain steps we need to take to realize this.

“I remember when I desperately needed to recover from the abuse in my past,” she begins. “I had thought that when I was old enough to leave home, I would leave the pain behind, but the problem was in my soul—my thinking and emotions. I needed healing and restoration so I wouldn’t continue to be poisoned by things that had happened to me all those years growing up.”

She speaks of how she learned that her healing had to begin by letting the Holy Spirit into her life to restore her from the inside out.

She cites Isaiah 61:7 (AMP) which reads, “Instead of your [former] shame you will have a double portion; and instead of humiliation your people will shout for joy over their portion. Therefore in their land they will possess double [what they had forfeited]; everlasting joy will be theirs.”

She elaborates upon how our own heart and attitude towards the pain we have gone through can sometimes inhibit us from restoration, and that we need to address the deepest wounds in our soul.

“Notice the phrase ‘instead of your former shame,'” she explains. “Do you know what it’s like to have shame in your life? I had a shame-based nature for many years because of the abuse I experienced from my father. It made me feel like something must be wrong with me for him to do the things he had done to me.”

She uses a very clever analogy to explain the way we can be restored in Christ.

“Think about it like this,” she says. “When a person restores a used-up, beat-up piece of furniture, the first thing they do is strip off the old layers of paint or varnish. We all have things that need to be stripped away in our lives. Maybe it’s old attitudes and mindsets that don’t line up with the way God thinks and acts…or unhealthy relationships that are holding you back from God’s purpose and plans for you.”

She then explains how restoring old furniture is a process, first, there is the stripping away of old things, likened to how we need to strip away the old things in our life that have caused us pain and hurt, such as toxic influences or abusers. Then, there is the sanding process, which she compares to people who rub us the wrong way but that God uses these people to refine us.

Just like furniture, we need to be polished and kept up from time to time as well. Our walk with Christ is a lifelong journey, she explains, and through it, we grow closer to Him and more like Him over time.

“Wherever you are in the restoration process, I want to encourage you to set your mind today that God is healing you, and stay focused on following the leadership of the Holy Spirit,” she concludes. “Trust God to lead you in the way that’s right for you, bringing you to wholeness in Christ in every area of your life!”

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Prayer Closet Ministry August 29th – Thanks and Need!

Prayer Closet Ministry August 29th – Thanks and Need!

Prayer Closet Ministry August 29th – Thanks and Need!

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How To Thrive in Church as a Single Christian

How To Thrive in Church as a Single Christian

Ryan Duncan | Entertainment Editor | Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Church can be a difficult place for singles. Not long after I graduated college, I joined a great congregation with a thriving network of small groups. I had good friends, a faithful community, and a solid spiritual foundation. The only thing I didn’t have was a spouse. You would think the former three would outshine the latter, but it turned out this wasn’t the case.

Over time, the married couples started families and lost touch. My Church didn’t have any resources for older singles, so it quickly became a lonely place to be on Sunday mornings. Without support from Christian friends, my spiritual life took a considerable hit and my faith suffered. All in all, it was certainly not the best chapter in my walk with Christ.

Though I eventually recovered from these events, the experience did teach me something about singleness in the Church. It’s not enough for pastors to extol the virtues of celibacy to unmarried listeners, and individuals shouldn’t wait for a congregation to meet their needs. If singles ever hope to have a place in the Christian community, both sides need to take intentional action. Katie Jones, of Relevant Magazine, briefly touched on this in a recent piece where she encouraged married believers to invest in their unmarried friends. She writes,

“I don’t need your life to look like mine. I don’t mind your messy, kid-filled busy life. I would actually love to be a part of it. I can come over and help you fold laundry. I can laugh with you about the crazy comment your kid said over dinner. I can tag along at the grocery store or in the car during school pick-up.”

“As a part of Christ’s family, I want to share my life with you too. The good, the bad and the ugly. The successes at work. The fears of not measuring up. The failures I need to say out loud to know someone will still love me despite them. As a millennial, I want to be a part of your life and am hoping you want to be a part of mine as well.”

It’s necessary for believers everywhere to accept that marital status should not exclude someone from the hospitality of Christ. Inviting single Christians into your home, and even into your world, can have a profound effect on their faith as well as yours. Still, this is only half of the solution. Individuals themselves must be willing to take the first steps. Marshall Segal, a popular contributor to desiringGod, recently gave single believers a number of tips for navigating life. Notably, he encouraged readers not to let opportunity pass them by,

“If God leads you to marry, you may never again know a time like the one you’re in right now. A season of singleness is not the minor leagues of marriage. It has the potential to be a unique period of undivided devotion to Christ and undistracted ministry to others.”

“With the Spirit in you and the calendar clear, God has given you the means to make a lasting difference for his kingdom. You’re all dressed up, having every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places (Eph. 1:3), with literally everywhere to go.”

There is much work to be done before singles can comfortably find a place in the body of believers, but that does not mean we should be discouraged. God has provided Christians of all backgrounds with the grace to reach out and connect with one another. It may be difficult, even awkward at times, but God never intended his people to walk through life alone. Together, we form the Kingdom of God.

*Ryan Duncan is an Editor for

August 28th Daily Prophetic Word of God

August 28th Daily Prophetic Word of God

August 28 Daily Prophetic Word of God

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