282 People Baptized at N.C. Megachurch in One Day

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At least 282 people were reportedly recently baptized in a single day at a North Carolina multisite megachurch.

Devin Goins, who serves as pastor of Culture and Engagement at Biltmore Church, told The Christian Post that he believes “this can only be attributed to God moving in people’s lives.”

“Additionally, our team has worked through numerous personal conversations, and we devoted a large portion of the sermon a few weeks ago to the subject of baptism,” Goins said.

“Each person was individually counseled to ensure they understood the Gospel and professed Jesus as the Lord of their life. We hope to always be ready for when God moves so that as many can take their next steps as a disciple of Jesus.”

The pastor also rejoiced at getting to witness “hundreds of people profess Jesus as Lord” and “to hear each story of God at work in each person’s life.”

“Baptism is a great step for a Christ-follower, but it is often just the beginning,” he added. “Our staff will continue to connect with each person to get involved in biblical community and additional ways to develop as a follower of Jesus. We’re excited to continue to guide each person as they continue their discipleship journey.”

Biltmore Church, which has seven campuses in North Carolina, was originally founded as Fern Hill Baptist Church in 1889. Bruce Frank became the lead pastor in 2008 as the church expanded into multiple locations.

Frank also recently served as chair of the Southern Baptist Convention’s sexual abuse task force, where he called for reform in light of reports that the denomination was failing to appropriately process allegations of sexual misconduct.

“It will take a few years to change the culture and direction,” said Frank in a speech at the 2022 SBC Annual Meeting when messengers voted in favor of a series of recommendations to combat sexual abuse.

“But without action to act differently, there is no repentance.”

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