3 Questions About Online Church: What I Learned from Billy Graham & Jimmy Swaggart!

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The world is changing quickly – very quickly!

Our in-born nature often screams out a resounding “No” to change – yet sometimes it’s a positive experience we can all embrace!

I was recently asked why spend time and money to build an “online church” instead of planting a more traditional brick and mortar establishment? I hope this article opens your eyes and answers any questions you may have…

Let’s begin with the fact that the church is not “brick and mortar” – and it’s not “pixels on a computer screen” – the church is THE BODY OF BELIEVERS! The Ecclesia is the church – how we train, equip, and encourage the church is the importance of the gathering of the saints, and yes that obviously includes online movements and sermon-based sites.

Let’s begin with a simple question I recently received about online church…

Q: Pastor Wayne, is an online church any different than your TV preachers? How does online church services differ from a televangelist?

A: Although both are seen by a TV, Computer Monitor, or smartphone, there are some differences. First, I have a lot of respect for televangelists despite some of the negativity that surrounds them. As a young child I remember watching Jimmy Swaggart along with my Mom. As a 5 year old I may not have understood all that he spoke about, but even at that age I felt the conviction, and many times I sat in front of that 13 inch TV praying a sinners prayer… I was reached by media when a church building was locked up until Sunday morning.

How does on online church differ? Instant access anytime! Our online church releases a new sermon every Sunday at 9:00 pm EST, yet it can be accessed, along with all archives – 24 hours per day! Also, with most online churches you can contact the ministry with a click, and usually through e-mail and social media outlets. You can connect for prayer, for encouragement, and do it easily.

Q: Pastor Wayne, what do you think is another advantage of online church?

A: Targeting. We live in a world much different than a Billy Graham crusade or a Jimmy Swaggart camp meeting today. Technology today has allowed us to reach a very specific demographic with a targeted message for them! As a child I may have watched Jimmy or Billy, but it was a blanket approach for their ministries. They had to spend HUGE amounts of money to purchase television time on what was then only a handful of networks. And if they caught you at home (there were no I-pads or smartphones), while you were in front of the TV, and you didn’t change the channel – then there advertising budget was well spent.

Today, we can spend the advertising budget to reach a certain age group, certain countries, and even people of certain races and gender. Is this effective?Absolutely. One of our upcoming sermon series will deal with the importance of numbers in the Bible, and how God uses numbers prophetically. With technology we can actually have the sermons on front of new-age numerologists, teaching them that their divination is actually only an imitation of true prophetic realities.

We can share Jesus with those who are curious about the supernatural, yet would never venture into the stain glass window church they may drive by everyday.

When our sermon on Divorce and Remarriage is released, we can target through paid advertising, only the computer browsers owned by those who are recently divorced. Technology changes everything and is a great reason to stand with and support online church.

Q: Should online church replace traditional church?

A: I can speak from our experience and our loyal followers, and say No. However, many times it will for some people. We reach people that have no ability to get outside of their home and attend a local fellowship of believers. Often, people find it very hard to find a prophetic church, or a non denominational church that believes in signs and wonders. Thus, instead of subjecting themselves to sit under a teaching they do not agree with, they choose instead to sit under the teaching and ministry of an online pastor.

As for my family, we host an online church www.TheSecondAdam.TV, yet we also sit under the leadership and fellowship of a local church with wonderful pastors. So, an online church service I believe is great church for many, and a great additional place of teaching and ministry in addition to their local church for others.

May I invite you?

May I invite you to Online Church, I am Pastor Wayne and we would be honored to have you join us. Go to http://www.thesecondadam.tv and sign-up for our free newsletter which will keep you updated with our Online Church ministry and sermon series schedule. God Bless You!