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Here are 3 ways to become a better church drummer! Get my drum lesson course “Ultimate Beginner Drum Lessons” HERE:…

Ask and you shall receive! I have been getting a lot of comments and emails from people asking how they can be better church drummers. So I decided to dedicate a lesson on the matter. So please share with me the things that you want to get better at! I always read the comments and I want to create the best lessons that I can for all of you. And thank you all so much for 5,000 subscribers! You are all wonderful.

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  1. how do I make tension build and release in a song like gods great dance floor? by tension I mean the tightness and looseness of the song. that would really help me develop my church and gospol playing. btw, the gospel chop vid really showed me how my chops really go into play!

  2. Here are some real-world church drumming tips:

    1. Play to the room – This is not a rock concert. This is a worship service. If your snare is causing people's ears to ring, or your cymbals are causing people's ears to bleed, you're playing way too loud.

    2. Less is more – So you think you are playing to the song? Ha! Be prepared to play less.

    3. Know the song, in your sleep – You WILL play single sections of a song you just learned, over and over again, for 40 minutes, during an extended time of worship. So don't screw up.

  3. Can someone explain to me how ANY of this relates to "church" drumming as opposed to "normal" drumming? Or why there is a difference at all? Having played drums in churches for 19 years, I always just assumed drumming at church was the same as drumming anywhere else?

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