5 Reasons “Good” People Go To Hell

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by Will Maule

As Christians, it can be easy to forget that Hell is a real place, and that people are going there every day. Scary, right? Too often, we become the judge of someone’s life, believing that if they are ‘good’ then they couldn’t possibly be damned to an eternal judgement. Well, unfortunately, that is not for us to decide. Pastor Roger Barrier highlights 5 key reasons why ‘good’ can find themselves heading down the wrong path.

1. God will evaluate according to truth as outlined in the Bible (Romans 1-3).
“God will judge everything according to truth because we all are in the habit of comparing ourselves with others. On Judgment Day God will say to those who died without Jesus Christ as their Savior, “Let’s judge you for who and what you really are.”


2. God will evaluate according to his kindness (Romans 2:4).
“God’s judgment will be in proportion to the amount of kindness that God has poured out to people during their lifetimes. God expends his kindness to us that he might lead us to repentance. Christians often wonder why lost people seem to have it so good. The answer is that it’s just God’s kindness to turn them to repentance – the longer they reject his kindness, the more inexcusable they will be when they stand at the Great White Throne Judgment.”

3. God will evaluate according to deeds (Romans 2:6-10).
“Standing before God now is the person who says, “Look, God, judge me according to my deeds. I’ve lived a good life. Take my good works and put them beside my bad ones and certainly the good will outweigh the bad!” But the problem with the moral man is that he thought that his good deeds will be weighed against his bad deeds or at least be compared against the deeds of others. That will not be the case.

4. God will take the best works of the moral man or woman and compare them with Jesus’ deeds.
“God will evaluate without playing favorites (Romans 2:11). God offers salvation to everyone because everyone needs it. God is no respecter of persons. He shows no favoritism. Regarding the issue of sin, no one is better than anyone else from God’s perspective.”

5. God will evaluate according to the inner secrets of the heart (Romans 2:16).
“At the Great White Throne God will open the closet doors and reveal the secrets of the people who stand there. Jesus spoke of this often (Matthew 10:26-27). Skeletons will come out of closets then. Deeds long buried in the depths of memory will be brought up. Unsolved crimes will find their solutions. These are the secrets of men.”

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