7-2-14 Vision: Jesus Appeared Next To Me There Was a Path of Fire!

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And He spoke and said, “Walk with me, Talk with Me! Praise your Holy Name Jesus!

Written by Wayne

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  1. Wow this is amazing! I been listening to a video of a reading of David Wilkerson's book called Set the Trumpet to Thy Mouth. It is about the sin in America and the destruction of America by a dissolving fire. He said "The Overcomers will not feel the fire, but Jesus will hold our hand through it, leading us to paradise with our transformed bodies!" the unbelievers and ungodly will burn and perish in this fire, but the Lord's Overcomers will change from mortal to immortal in a blink, and WILL NOT FEEL THE FIRE, BUT GO HOME!! Oh SWEET JESUS help me to BE READY!!

  2. bane734. So sad i am new to Christ and went back into the world. its hard work to stay close to God. bit do try it again. Jesus will come wither on earth soon or when we die. Just hold on. Sin is easier then reading be and praying and not sinning. but written only live 80-90 years. Then we get eternity. I guess i had an advantage to live in the world i got to live it up. But i won't b like in the days of Noah. Godless