88-Year-Old Graduate Proves That ‘With God All Things Are Possible’

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Rev. Horace Sheffield may be 88-years-old, but that didn’t stop him from getting his degree attending his own graduation ceremony!

Sheffield actually started college at Shorter University in 1959 but had to drop out to pray for his daughter’s tuition, according to CBN. “I had some daughters that were getting ready to go to college and I couldn’t go to college and put them through, so I dropped out with 115 hours,” he said according to WTSP in Tampa.

But when his wife Bernice died from Alzheimer’s disease a few years ago, he decided to get back into the classroom. “Sixty years later I want that degree, and I’m going to get it…,” he said. “I know my granny is smiling down on him right now saying, ‘I knew you could do it Horace,'” his Grandaughter Jill told WSB-TV Atlanta.