“A Fresh Vision of Jesus” with Jentezen Franklin

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Do you need “A Fresh Vision of Jesus? When you see the love, the grace and the joy of Jesus, you are no longer consumed with yourself or the things of this world. You constantly think, “Jesus, what can I do for you?” But as life goes along you continue to need more of Him.

Kingdom Connection Hosted by Jentezen Franklin – Watch : “A Fresh Vision of Jesus”

Written by Wayne

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  1. I want to tell you how on time this message is! My eyes are filled with tears of joy! I recently was touched again by Jesus, but I chose to stay. I watched Python Pray and praise last night. My son who is recently saved came in..acted like a devil. My boyfriend called..I was able to see him in a different light…full of pride. I checked my email before bed…my job was posted. I went to bed filled with anxiety…I prayed in the spirit through tears…I was lead here this morning. Praise GOD


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