A Prophetic Dream of What’s to Come

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Pastor Jim Bakker shares a prophetic dream about the coming future.

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Quotes from this show:

I’ll tell you what, if you’re going to get ready, you better get ready soon because time is running out. -Pastor Jim Bakker

And God said, I will command my blessings on that. Not necessarily your checking account, not necessarily your savings account, but your storehouse. To make sure there is plenty. -Pastor John Kilpatrick

I’m telling you, with the Hell that I have faced to stay on this job, there’s no way you could get me to stay here if this wasn’t a calling of God to do this. -Pastor Jim Bakker


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Written by Wayne

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  1. Yep, he is right! I have had a dream of the roof and walls caving in on me. I also had a unbelievable feeling of something smashing into the side of my head. I believe things are going to get worse fast. I have had other dreams that make me believe the earth is indeed FLAT!! does it not say we are God's Footstool? study it for yourselves! Is this the Great Deception? Jesus said"Don't let No man decieve you, or take your crown" that means we are the only jewels in God's plan. God Bless

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