A Recipe For Failure – Divine Healing & You!

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A Recipe For Failure – Divine Healing & You!


Many people say to me, “I wish I could see the miracles that you see.” Many times, I know why they are not.”

A sure recipe for failure is to “learn, learn, learn, but to never do.” The Bible tells us that faith without works is DEAD. (James 2:17) To get anywhere, we have to START. When we start, we give the Holy Spirit the opportunity to mentor us.

One of the most powerful miracles that I have seen started with a MISTAKE on my part. Several years ago, as I was worshipping the Lord in church, I thought I heard the Lord say, “If you go lay hands on Joanne and pray for her, I will give her 20/20 vision.”

I thought, “That can’t be right. God must have meant that spiritually.” You see, fear took over. I walked up to Joanne, and said, “Joanne, the Lord said that if I lay hands on you and pray, He would give you 20/20 vision SPIRITUALLY.” I totally changed it!

Well, Joanne fell to the floor and when she got up, she said, “Uh, Pastor Sherry, I can see out of this eye.” I knew she had vision problems, but I did not know how bad they were!

I exclaimed, “What do you mean that you can see out of that eye? Couldn’t you before?” I found out that she had been 100% BLIND in that eye! God opened it in SPITE of my mistake.

I learned from that mistake! I learned to recognize God’ voice to me more accurately. I learned to step out on what I was hearing. It was part of the “Holy Spirit Mentoring Program!” The Holy Spirit is the BEST teacher and mentor one could ever have.

You see, having people set free from sickness and disease is WORTH taking risks and stepping out. Just this week, I prayed for a woman on FB chat who had suspected uterine cancer. After that time of prayer, she went back to a specialist for more testing. The doctor was AMAZED to discover that the cysts and cyst clusters, as well as the cancer bacteria was GONE! Can you imagine her joy!

Obedience is POWERFUL!

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