A Vision Of Jesus-Divine TALK with Leigh Kerr

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A true story
A vision l had of Jesus – The message that was given-What he looked like- About Religion Love and spirituality- About all things Being Connected- Codes and Mathematical formulas-A special mission.

Written by Wayne

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  1. I read your written account too Leigh, on the TG website.. Hearing you explaining your visions again has really helped me to imagine it in my mind's eye. Visions aren't the easiest thing to explain, but you did a great job. I hope you get another when the time is right – it's obvious how close you feel to both Jesus and Mary, and how much love is there between you.

  2. Leigh, what an amazing experience! You are so lucky to have had that experience and i would like to share an experience with you.
    About 5 years ago[ish] i went to see a hypnotherapist here in the UK for a past life regression session. I had an experience which sounded too bizarre to even talk about until i seen a video with you and Mr Slattery talking to a guy who mentioned something which triggered me to write about it.
    I was taken into deep hypnosis when i recalled standing in this room which was not of this planet. The room was average sized but had transparent glass for walls with a non glass wall about a foot from the ground which met the glass/window which was part of the corridoor or complex. This is where it gets strange, i was stood there teaching about 8-12 pod looking 'things' which looked like large eggs about 2-3ft tall and dark brown with a rough textured surface with no facial features or limbs. My human mind cannot break down teaching a 'pod'. When the hypnotist asked me to look outside i was stood on a dark planet which was unhabitable on the surface and very dark and black with a number of moons.
    I only shared this bizarre as it sounds because of it being brought up before so i had the confidence to talk about it.

    I look forward to hearing from your again very soon and love you guys doing those videos, they really resonate with me and it's nice to not feel 'alone' on my path.

    Love and light
    Keith x

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