Americans Make Faith-Filled Resolutions for 2024: Here Are Some Tips You Can Use

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Many Americans, especially young people say they are more hopeful as they enter 2024. And for those who make New Year’s resolutions, a majority are planning to put their faith at the forefront of their lives.

A recent CBS News/YouGov survey found 47% of those polled said they were hopeful when looking ahead to the new year when compared to 22% who feel discouraged and 31% experiencing both emotions equally. 

“Americans feel about twice as hopeful as discouraged when they think about 2024. But it’s young people in particular who are the most hopeful, with two-thirds feeling this way,” a CBS News analysis said.

A whopping 64% of those under the age of 30 said they were hopeful, while only 39% of those aged 65 and overexpressed the same optimism. 

“The young are by far the most likely to be making resolutions for 2024, as opposed to older Americans,” the CBS analysis said, and speculated “perhaps older Americans feel more complete, or set in their ways, or maybe age has brought the wisdom that a lot of us just don’t keep them anyway.”

According to the survey, just over a third of Americans make New Year’s resolutions. Among the many resolutions many of us make every year – to exercise, lose weight, eat better, volunteer, and take more time off – praying and attending worship services came in at number 7. 

When asked if they would pray or attend religious services more, 57% of those polled answered “yes.”  

“Those who already attend religious services at least weekly are overwhelmingly likely to say their resolution is to pray and attend services more,” the analysis explained. 

Asked if they would spend more time with family or people they care about, 91% responded affirmatively. 

The poll was conducted from Dec. 4-7 and 2,182 adults were interviewed. 

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slider img 2Suggestions for Faith Resolutions

Writing in a blog for Life.Church, Beth Castle listed 24 totally “doable” resolutions for 2024.  

At the top of Castle’s suggestions was “Start your day with a life-giving Bible verse,” directing her readers to the free YouVersion Bible app

Pastor Jesse Bradley of Grace Community Church in Auburn, Washington told Fox News Digital that people should, “Remember resolutions for a deeper and more abiding faith, and understand, with any new goal, that you start from a place of God’s love.”

“If your resolution is to go to church every Sunday, then having someone who will drive with you is a factor,” the pastor said. “Or having a family member or friend who will meet you there and sit next to you is helpful.”

Bradley also reminded Christians, “We all struggle with sin, procrastination, distraction, temptation and rationalization. But God’s help is paramount to our progress.”

He also mentioned the need for prayer. 

“Prayer is transformative. The Holy Spirit gives us self-control. Worship defeats fears and worries. The Bible gives us God’s perspective. And Jesus inspires us,” he told Fox

Among the eight New Year’s resolutions suggested by World Vision, “Improve your prayer life” was in the top three. 

“God asks us to pray always, in all circumstances, and without ceasing,” the global Christian humanitarian organization said on its website. “That’s a tall order, so no matter how much we pray, we can always grow in this area. Maybe this is the year to focus on that challenge.”

Laura Woodworth, writing for the Great American Pure Flix Insider, also suggested finding a Bible reading plan, reminding readers, “Reading the Bible daily is a good practice to make sure you always keep God’s will and grace in the forefront of your mind. God’s wisdom will bear good fruit in your life all year long.”

Woodworth also suggested resolutions to memorize scripture, and to develop a heart of worship. 

“Too often we reserve worship for Sunday morning, but God’s presence can calm every storm!” she wrote. 

The Bible Stories Box on the social media site YouTube also suggested “foster forgiveness” as a resolution. 

“Release grudges, find peace,” the video said. 

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