Anti-Mormonism Exposed pt 8/ The First Vision – Jesus Christ / Joseph Smith

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On 25 March 2007, evangelical Christians distributed a new anti-Mormon video to thousands of homes across the United States. Though it purports to be an objective Christian evaluation of the teachings, history, and beliefs of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, it contains much that is inaccurate and very little that is balanced. Rather than focus on what they believe, the video’s producers have taken it upon themselves to describe and interpret LDS beliefs and teachings, often in ways that would be objectionable or unrecognizable to Latter-day Saints. See

Written by Wayne

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  1. The video here, I helped pass out here in AZ!!! Had tons of free copies. It is not "anti" to tell the truth. I'm also ex Temple Mormon and LDS apologist. Everything in the video is accurate and true. I could not stand to defend lies anymore. LDS Apologists flat out lie to people and cover/alter history. The video is not anti but pro-truth!!!

  2. Nine different versions!     Really?    How could he have remembered this event so dramatically different nine times?    Oh, yeah.   He made it up to make himself look good after he ripped off all his member-investors in the Kirtland anti-banking scandal.

    Mormons don't deserve this.  They are good people.  However, the church deserves all the flak it is now receiving.  The church has a long history of lies, cover-ups, deception, and nepotism. 

    The irony of it all is that the TRUTH is what is now destroying the church.  The Internet has made the truth harder to hide from members.  As they learn the truth, they are leaving the church in droves.

  3. Ok at least speak factually if your going to throw these kinds of hate the mormon parties.
    1. There was only one version of the first vision given the other eight supposed accounts are from other people. Has anyone ever played telephone here? We use joseph smiths original account
    2.we beleive in one god, that jesus is his son who died for us and in the holy ghost. We beleive they are separate beings.
    3. We do not worship joseph smith as a diety or an equal to jesus christ. He is merely a large part of the history of the church. We see him as a prophet like moses or noah.
    4. We do not beleive that all prophets are infallible, just that WHEN WORTHY (keeping with their covenants) they are seers and revelators of our time. We beleive like all men prophets are human and can err
    5. Yes our prophets and apostles are paid just as a bishop BECAUSE during their calling they are asked to make it the priority over a sustaining job. Pastors are also paid, the pope while perhaps not paid is draped in velvet and lives in gold lets not start pointing fingers though
    6. There was not a " bank scandal" with the kirtland temple. You May need to research that more but a member did pay that.
    8.we do study the bible alongside the book of mormon
    9.we are not polygamist s (if your still stuck there youve got issues)
    7.any further clarification we have an outline of exactly what we beleive available to anyone wanting to ease the ignorance it is called " the articles of faith"
    To the "former missionaries" here I have read nothing but more ignorance and im sorry for your misinformation. God be with you

  4. Anti mormones que esperan para volver a la iglesi no degen para el ultimo momento por que se perderan no estaran en el paraiso estaran en la carcel espifitual con los echiseros adivinos esperarando el dia de la limpiesa se seran juntado en manojo junto con la sisaña y echado al fuego de asufre con los bebedores adultero estafadore mentirosos y todos los obradores de maldad.

  5. Estuve analizando y llegue a una conclusión de porque tantos comentarios y vídeos encontrar los mormones. la única Respuesta fue que verdaderamente es la única iglesia que predica la verdad y satanás sabe bien donde esta esa verdad por lo tanto allí enfoca su mirada para que nadie se a ser que porque sabe que el va perder almas entonces la mejor idea utilizar aquellos que se declaran sabios y los prende como sus instrumento de engaño.. y así va i tiene lisongeando por medio de personas que no les interesa su propia sal avión meno la de los demás..

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