Are You Ready? EVERYTHING WILL CHANGE IN 2016… (Prophetic Events)

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Prophetic Events Accelerating Going into 2016…Strange Events December New World Order End Times Martial Law Something is Going On End of America Illuminati Prophecy Has Now Begun This Video Will Shock You Are You Ready

Written by Wayne

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  1. what's sad is people think this is new stuff when in reality they been working on it and have had it all for the last 20 years, they're just now trying to work out any kinks in it and mass produce it.

  2. Will not work for the millions of people who have a fiduciary controlling their money , Say like they are on SSI and someone leaves them a few hundred thousand in an SNT , The fiduciary can not have the same eyes as the beneficiary , there are others who are in a situation where they are cared for by a Hospital staff where's funds are set aside for the care of that individual who is confined and has fiduciaries – Cash is King , It is a Private mater and biometrics screws up the part about Private :, and this is Weather manipulation with an agenda ( QC

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