Baby Has Only 5-Minutes to Live, But WATCH After Grandfather Started to Praise God in The Midst!

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Stephen and Aimee were expecting their first child. But on the seventh month, Aimee was diagnosed with preeclampsia—a complication of pregnancy that caused a spike in her blood pressure and the potential for seizures. On the day of her labor doctors induced her when her condition worsened—and ‘baby girl’ Ella was born.

Ella was too fragile for Aimee and Stephen to hold. When she began straining to breathe, doctors determined she was losing oxygen and diagnosed her with pulmonary hypertension.

Ella’s condition continued to deteriorate. The family was out of time. Again, they turned to prayer but instead of pleading with God, Aimee’s father suggested they praise Him. “Praise You. You’re an awesome God. You’re a miraculous God. You love us unconditionally. And as I said that, my faith started to rise again. I kept to that promise He had given us. Thank you. She’s coming home alive and well,” said Aimee.

“There’s a God that loves us unconditionally. The same God that sent His Son on earth to show the world that He loves them, He cares for them and performed miracles. Jesus raised people from the dead and healed their sicknesses; He still does it today,” said Aimee.

Source: CBN

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