Baptism by Fire Secret Revealed – Fiery “Torah” From the Right Hand of God

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by Dorothy K Daigle

Before his death, the man of God, Moses, blessed the children of Israel. He shared with them that God came to them from Sinai, He rose up out of Seir unto them, and He shined forth from Paran, and with Him came ten thousands of saints. He also shared with them that the "Fiery Law (Torah) went out of the right hand of God to the Israelites." Deuteronomy 33:2.

Today we call the first five books of the Old Testament, the books of Moses, the Torah. But it appears that the true "Torah" of God is far greater than this written Word. Apparently this written Word was given to mankind because, in their humanity, they could not understand this Torah aspect of God the Father.

We are told that the fiery …