Benny Hinn – 10 Tests of God

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Written by Wayne

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  1. The greatest test we ever face is the one we take when we think no one else is looking. The problem is that Someone is ALWAYS watching and that nowadays even ordinary people have access to our everyday lives. To whom much is. given much is required. If the anointing and gifts carry you into a place where you can be seen, you are at greater risk than others who fall, because others are looking to yo as an example. Paul said that he crucified his flesh daily and. buffeted his own body , applied the Revelation of the Gospel he was given to his own life LEST HE HIMSELF SHOULD BECOME A CASTAWAY. There is too much of a bless me mentality in all of us, myself included. We need to ask God to make us a blessing instead. We need to STOP THE STRIFE IN THE CHURCH. It's gotten so bad, people are so hung up on eschatology and end time teaching, some people really believe that God can't bring the body of Christ together in a spirit of unity love and revival without somehow disturbing Lucifers "great plan" for an apostate false religion that will dominate society. I'm not saying these things won't happen. But is your God bigger than the Devils answer for Universal Obedience to his little cause? God have mercy on us all, forgive our sin, give us the grace to be better people

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