Bethel Blasphemy Alert – Jesus Asks For Forgiveness In Vision

Bethel Blasphemy Alert – Jesus Asks For Forgiveness In Vision

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Bethel Church Youth Leader says Jesus asked for forgiveness from him! Bethel Church has gone to new lows with this garbage vision from Seth Dahl. It is hard to imagine how so many people can be caught up with such heretical teaching such as this. To think that Jesus the Lord of Lords and King of Kings would ever need to ask forgiveness from his creation! It is such blasphemy to state in a vision or otherwise that Jesus would say such words. It’s not Biblical It’s not in line with the character of God and it’s not the Truth. Stop spreading your lies Bethel!

On September 9, Bethel Redding’s FB page posted a brief clip of teaching by Seth Dahl. In the clip, Dahl discusses the emotional hurt he experienced at the hands of another believer, and emphasizes the need for forgiveness. Dahl stresses his point by relating a vision he had, an “encounter with God”. He describes how in the vision, Jesus held him and started weeping. Jesus asked Dahl to forgive him (Jesus).

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