Biden Criticizes Israel’s Gaza Bombing as Netanyahu Rejects P.A. Rule There after War

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JERUSALEM, Israel – President Joe Biden warned Israel it may be starting to lose global support for the war in Gaza. Still, Israeli leaders seem determined to finish the fight to defeat Hamas, despite world opinion.

Biden called for a change in Israel’s government Tuesday, claiming the coalition is “making it very difficult for (Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu) to move.”

While pledging continued military assistance to Israel, he criticized what he called “indiscriminate bombing” of Gaza and added, “They have to be careful. The whole world’s opinion can shift overnight – we can’t let that happen.”

There’s also disagreement about what happens in Gaza after the war. I

In a statement thanking the US for its support, Netanyahu repeated his opposition to the Biden administration’s stance on the Palestinian Authority ruling the territory.

“I want to clarify my position: I will not let Israel repeat the Oslo mistake,” Netanyahu insisted. “I will not allow that after the great sacrifice of our citizens and fighters, we bring into Gaza those who teach terrorism, support terrorism, finance terrorism. Gaza will be neither Hamastan nor Fatahstan.”

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As expected, the U.N. General Assembly voted Tuesday in favor of a non-binding resolution for an immediate ceasefire. Israeli Ambassador Gilad Erdan blasted the vote.

“No piece of paper – especially one that is adopted by a biased politicized majority – will prevent Israel from defending itself against those that seek our destruction,” Erdan stated. “Israel is fighting a war for her future. There is not a single member state here that would act differently in a similar situation.”

Wall Street Journal poll released this week showed a majority of Americans support Israel in its fight against Hamas. Fifty-five percent said Israel is taking the military action needed to defend itself and prevent another attack by Hamas, while 25 percent said Israel’s military action is disproportionate and going too far. Forty-two percent said they sympathized more with the Israeli people, while 12 percent sympathized more with the Palestinian people,

Meanwhile, in Gaza, the Israeli Defense Forces, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal, have started pumping seawater into Hamas’s elaborate tunnel system with the goal of destroying one of the terror group’s main military assets and driving out its top leaders.

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