Billy Baldwin’s Wife Apologizes for Sharing Details of Their Sex Life

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Singer Chynna Phillips issued an apology to her followers after offending them with explicit details of her sex life with her husband and actor Billy Baldwin on her faith-based YouTube channel. 

“I feel like I owe an apology to all my Cal Preachers for my last video because I did talk about some stuff that was pretty sensitive and probably inappropriate, especially during the holiday season. You know I’m a free spirit, and I tend to say things off the cuff. I was talking about my sex life, and a bunch of people did not appreciate it,” she said in a video titled “My Public Apology” last week. 

The video she referenced was titled California Preaching, where Chynna, Billy, and their family went on a trip to the Bahamas for Christmas, The Mirror reports. During the video, the couple shared personal details of their bedroom antics. Although the original video was edited, one person in the comments section noted what was shared in the original edit, pointing out that Chynna and Billy had “discussed the timing of their sexual activities” and the “effects that aging” has had on the “frequency” of their sex life.

At one point in the video, Billy calls Chynna his “little banana cabana, “to which she replied, “Oh my gravy. Wow, a little sunshine got your brain. A little overheated there, babe?” 

“Why don’t we just end this now, and we can do what you want to do,” she added. 

“Really? Do whatever I want to do?” Billy said before grabbing and kissing her. 

Three days later, she posted the apology video and apologized for her “inappropriate” comments, acknowledging that she “crossed a line” and was now “praying for forgiveness.”

Chynna, a mom of three, also apologized for “offending” her subscribers and confessed to being a “foot-in-mouth girl” sometimes. At the same time, however, she said she intends to be “brutally honest” and “raw about her life” on her channel because many people resonate with her videos. 

“This is not an excuse. I’m not justifying my behavior. I want to explain something,” she continued. “When I first started California Preaching, I said I would be brutally honest with people. I’m going to be raw about my life. I think that’s why Cal Preach has resonated with so many people, because I’m willing to go there.

“But sometimes it’s inappropriate to go there, and I think this is a really good example of… maybe I could have zipped the lip. Again, I want to personally just apologize to you guys for maybe offending you or making you feel uncomfortable,” Chynna concluded.

Photo Courtesy: @Getty Images/Ethan Miller / Staff
Video Courtesy: Chynna Phillips Baldwin via YouTube

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