Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Offers 5 Biblical Ways to Respond in Troubled Times

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With so many threats to peace and so much uncertainty in the world, it can be easy to feel fearful and discouraged.
That’s why the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) has given five important guidelines for how to live as a Christian in the midst of the “violence and destruction around us.” notes that the Rapid Response Team, an arm of the BGEA, was founded after 9/11 to deal with crises in the world. These rapid response teams frequently send out pastors, medical professionals, and others to help wherever there is a crisis.
In a recent post on their website, the Association offers five biblical ways to respond to the world’s current climate.
Firstly, the article notes, “pray deeply.” Through prayer, we acknowledge we need God’s intervention and we trust His sovereignty. Prayer is a powerful resource.
Secondly, when we feel discouraged, we can look to God’s Word. The Bible is a foundation for Christians, and God uses it to speak to His people. The article even offers a list of 15 Bible verses that serve as comfort in difficult times.
Another Christian response for how to handle troubling times is to take our focus off ourselves and instead remember to “care for others.”
Perhaps this means being a part of a ministry, or perhaps it is simply lifting up the needs of others in prayer.
To read about the other ways Christians can respond biblically to the event’s of today’s world, click here.

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