Bishop T.D. Jakes Does NOT Wants ChurchesTaxed, And Here’s Why

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Famous pastor and evangelist T.D. Jakes has spoken out about his frustration over the current taxing system in America. Speaking at the International Pastors & Leadership Conference, Jakes joined White House correspondent April Ryan for “a discussion about issues, solutions, and the role of the church in the future of our country”, according to his Facebook.

“It got real. It got animated. Even Bishop Jakes went from audience member to VERY active participant in this all too critical conversation.”

“If you take the gross national income of all the churches in America. If we didn’t pay the mortgage, if we didn’t pay the staff, if we didn’t pay the light bill. If we took all of the money and give it all away to the poor, and became homeless to feed them, we still don’t have the money, when we’re taking ten percent of a few people’s income, and they’re taking thirty-five percent of everybody’s income,” Jakes declared.

“When I did the math on it, I realized that what I am asking the people to do doesn’t work. I can help. I can do my part. I can participate. I can join in. But why did you take forty percent of my check and then tell me that I gotta turn around and take another ten percent, to do what you’re not doing.”

“When I gave the forty, I thought you were gonna feed somebody!”


Watch Jakes talk about this below.