BLOOD MOONS 2015: What You Missed | Perry Stone

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Written by Wayne

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  1. after reading all of these comments, especially those written by "Christian" people, who are constantly bashing other people's comments, just reaffirms why I do not want to belong to a local gathering of believers. You call yourselves Christians and yet you have no problems at all making mean and insulting comments about both believers and non believer posts and ideas. I see this happening on so many videos I watch concerning Bible prophecy. just who do you think you are to say anything about anyone else? Especially being a Christian, to have such mean and spiteful hatred spewing out of your selves. Definitely sounds to me like you could use a good dose of HUMILITY! bottom line, if you are a Christian does not like what Perry Stone has to say, Don't Look or Listen to him or anyone else you dislike and then keep your hateful comments to your self or at the very least stop calling your self a Christian. A true Christian does not act the way you act!

  2. Yes Christian please behave. It is hard to join the church because Jezebel is in every church and if you speak to people who are in the church they usually will tell you about all the nasty stuff that goes on. However you can start small group in your own house and have everybody read out of the Bible start in Genesis and make sure that you have the Bible that has the actual Hebrew side-by-side meanings and maybe do a Bible study video or have a praise and w small-music group which I am starting so please pray for my empty chairs . Since this video I guess , Israel has struck a huge oil well.

  3. The Caribbean were the first islands that Columbus landed on apparently and we were taught that he discovered America but I don't think it was in 1492 that he landed in South America till 1498. So it was a common mistake because it's a saying that people still don't even think about because of all of the propaganda that is taught in school .

  4. Some of these so called signs, well there is a bunch of them, but mean nothing. Which ones tell us something and others just serve to lead some in a new direction, especially those interested in science fiction! I've seen "Christian" movies where the two witnesses literally had fire coming out of their mouths! Ok for science fiction nuts. Man, that isn't even good science fiction! This fire coming out of their mouths was the Word of God that acts like a fire. John told those about the one that would come after him would baptize them with the Holy Spirit and fire! He was talking to the hypocritical ones! He sure did baptize them with fire, but not with literal fire. Idiots.

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