Boston Drops Sex, Gender ID on Marriage Licenses to ‘Alleviate Gender Dysphoria’

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Couples filling out marriage licenses in Boston, Massachusetts will no longer be required to check a box to identify their sex or gender under a new policy adopted by the city Tuesday.

The change is the first the city has made based on its new “gender-aware” guidelines, officials said.

“Our fundamental charge in public service is ensuring that our services and opportunities reach everyone, and that starts with affirming and supporting constituents of all identities,” Mayor Michelle Wu said in a statement.

“Boston must continue to work to dismantle the historic inequities and injustices that persist. This update to Boston marriage licenses is a huge step in building a city that is truly inclusive,” she added.

Any residents who are already married and want to have their marriage license updated can contact the city registry. 

Kimberly Rhoten, director of policy and strategic initiatives for the city’s Office of Returning Citizens, and an LGBTQ+ advocate, explained removing the gender designations on the marriage licenses will help “alleviate gender dysphoria” for many in the community, according to

But some are opposing the city’s announcement, one critic writing in a post to Twitter, “The Left is radically re-shaping American society ever more rapidly, knocking out the pillars supporting our society. Few bother to look ahead to the consequences. Our complacency and passivity are their power.”

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