Can God Give You Money Through Dreams? Supernatural Finances Online Church with Wayne Sutton

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Can God Give You Money Through Dreams? Supernatural Finances Online Church
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can god give you money through your dreams-

Have you ever thought to yourself, “What is the meaning of this dream?”
Is God sharing a revelation with you behind all of the symbolism?
Is it a promise of provision or a warning to protect you from danger?
We are actually instructed by God during the night through dreams and visions.
Reproof, correction, encouragement, and Secrets are being downloaded into your spirit and your mind – and we are available to help you decipher the hidden code of dreams.

Written by Wayne

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  1. I dreamed I was in the car and stopped parked at a corner. Than this white bus came and hit the frond of my car. There was a scratch. I stopped and got out of the car and went to the man of the bus that hit my car. He ignored me first. Than I said Mr. You hit my car. The numberplate of the bus was hidden. He went back to the bus. I went to the back of the bus and pull out that paper that was covering the numberplate of the bus. When I grab and pull the paper I saw this piece of the numberplate. The number was 11-11,the rest I could not see. The man ask me if I need medicine for parkinsonism
    I said no you hit my car. There was a scratch like nails of a claw on my car.

  2. here is my dream: I was in my bedroom with my husband(not married) and we were getting dress to go to a conference. He was dressed in all white and i could feel some much love from him. we got ready to leave and the dream switched and i was walking thru a dark room were people were drinking and dancing, it felt unclean and demonic but i walked thru and the dream switched again and we were in this room with bright lights and sitting on the couch was a man and woman being interviewed.they were dressed in white and my husband was sitting with them watching the camera men interview them. I was watching and he turned to me and invited me to join them on the couch. i walked over and sit with him and his love for me so overwhelmed me, then he got up from the couch to leave and a camerman came to me and said”how does it feel to be Jesus wife?” and I said”He does’nt have a wife and then the men in all white got up and lift the room. I wanted to go with him but he walked too fast and disappeared across the street. I woke up from the dream.

  3. I had a dream about about Princesses Diana. In this dream Its like she had died. In the dream I saw her wedding dress in a box, then I saw her a wedding ring being put in box. When aI woke up I said, Princesses Diana is already decesed. What does this mean ?

  4. Thank you for this awesome teaching. My prayer is to know where start in the ministry and to start my own business. To have finances to partner with this ministry. The right job to be able to pay off student loans. I need transportation and a home. For my son DeAndre. I am also believing God for my husband.

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